Sunday, October 13, 2019

Top 14 WRap: Round 7

Top 14 Wrap - Round 7

Home Happy: Bayonne, Bordeaux Bégles, La Rochelle, Lyon, Toulouse, Stade Français
Road Warriors: naught
Sis-Kiss: Agen-Racing

Lyon maintained topspot, and are yet unblemished of record at this stage; mind, with RWC pool play finished, internationals will begin filtering back unto their home clubs and the rosters will switch up a minute.

On the Weekend, By the Numbers

17           for Lyon 10, Julien Doussain, on 1-and-5 through the sticks as casino night at Stade Gerland with homeys getting a brace along with the win and their guests, Pau, picking up one as well in the 27 - 8 fractivity;               

19           for La Rochelle 10, Ihaia West on a triple of 4-2-1 in aid of the 41 - 17 home victory over Brive; 12 for traveler’s 20 years old 10, Enzo Herve, on 4-from-floor;

27           for everybody in La Défense as Racing 92 required a 73rd-minute penalty strike by replacement three-quarters, Antoine Gilbert, to draw level Agen;

21           for Toulouse 10, Zach Holmes, on 3-and-5 struck through the uprights and Castres failed, 15 - 36, on the day; 3 cards awarded;

3              Card Monte, too, all for badboys Montpellier, the last a red at ’43, as hosts Bayonne upended at the Jean Dauger, 28-24;

5              lead changes, 3 in the first forty and 2 in the second with the last coming in the 75th, putting Stade Français in front at the end of ’80 and 33 - 30 that final over Toulon;

17           for Bordeaux 10, Ben Botica, on 4-and-3 off the tee and Home XV hammered Clermont at Chaban-Delmas, 42  -  15;

Upcomes Round 6:
                Saturday, 10.12:
                                Montpellier (13) v (14) Toulouse at the Altrad;
                                Agen (12) v (9) Stade Français at Stade Armandie;
                                Brive (12) v (21)  Bordeaux Bègles at Amédée-Domenech
                                Toulon (14) v (21) Bayonne at Felix Mayol;
                                Section Paloise (13) v (14) Castres at Stade du Hameau;
                                La Rochelle (14) v (13) Racing 92 at Marcel Deflandre;
                Sunday, 10 20:
                                Clermont (16) v (30)  Lyon at Marcel Michelin

Men's Divisions 2 & 3 On the Weekend WRaps: 10.13.19

Boulder standoff, Colin Johnson, swings it wide versus Highlanders at THE Jake

Rocky Mountain Rugby
Men’s Divisions 2 & 3 Wraps


Park City Haggis assumed its customary position at the head of the table after the bonus-point win over Denver Barbarians at their mountain redoubt in the Western Rockies, while Denver Highlanders made second place following a fractive victory over Boulder; bit of a casino night at THE Jake with homeboys earning both yellow and red.
Denver Highlanders  26 - 12 Boulder Rugby
Park City Haggis 67 - 24 Denver Barbarians

                upcoming 10.19:

Denver Barbarians (5) v (11) Denver Highlanders, 1pm at THE Jake
Denver MisFits (0) v (5) Boulder Rugby on THE StoveTop, 11am
Haggis are off



Colorado Springs Grizzlies have maintained perfection, obtaining the decision in Wyoming on the weekend, while Harlequins returned from two trys down in the second stanza to take Flamingos, and Queen City rocked Marauders in Superior.

Lumberjacks 12 - 78 Grizzlies
Harlequins 29 - 26 Flamingos
Marauders 17 - 73 Rams

                upcoming 10.19:
Colorado Springs Grizzlies (20) v (1) Northside Marauders 1pm, Flanagan Park
Queen City Rams (10) v (15) Denver Harlequins, 3pm on StoveTop

2019 Rugby World Cup Pool Play Complete

2019 RWC - Pool Play WRap

2019 Rugby World Cup, which shall be forever remembered as the competition that was affected by weather, has completed its round robin pool play and semifinals are set.

Recent Results:

                Canada drew, due meteorological incontinence, with Namibia;

                Tonga returned from 7-12 halftime deficit, an advantage gained by the Eagles through a brace of groundings by three-quarters, Mike Teo, to vanquish United States, 31 - 19;

                Japan will see its first entry into the august realm of the quarterfinalist after whatfor of 28 - 21 on Scotland.

Wales topped Uruguay, 35 - 13, to finish first in Pool D;

The Quarterfinals:

                                Saturday, October 19

Australia v England, 1:15am MST, at Oita Stadium;
Ireland v New Zealand, 4:15am Tokyo Stadium

                                Sunday, October 20

France v Wales, 1:15am at Oita Stadium;
Japan v South Africa, 4:15am MST at Tokyo Stadium

Saturday, October 12, 2019

2019 Rugby World Cup - Saturday 48

2019 RWC - 48 hours

It’s been said, “Speed Kills.” Speed or as it’s better known in the Philippine language of Tagalog, “Hagibis,” certainly killed 2019 RWC to a certain degree as two matches, New Zealand v Italy and England v France, have been declared drawn as it has been deemed unsafe to hold those fixtures in the teeth of a treacherous storm bringing 150+ mph winds, better than and inch-of-rain-per-hour, and a whole host of ancillary dangers to the vicinity of the Japanese capital city and its coastline.

This means Pools B and C are done and dusted regards advancement: New Zealand are #1 and South Africa #2 in Group B, while England are #1 and France #2 in Group C.

It is all very well and good that World Rugby has taken into consideration the safety of their constituents, fans and teams alike, but questions remain: “Why weren’t contingency plans, consistent with the time of year and prevalence of wacky weather therein... why weren’t better, workable alternative sites and logistical matters sorted in the developmental stages of 2019 RWC? Do the people running the RWC not know how to do their jobs in a comprehensive manner so that this situation does not occur?” Evidently not and we all are the bearers of their inconsiderate and unprofessional behavior.
That being said, RWC continues with a bit of its luster diminished: in the 24 hours prior to this instant:
                Australia earned a bonus-point win with a brace of touch downs in the final five minutes to close their pool account on 27 - 8 joy over Georgia; Wallabies currently top the group pending outcome of the Wales - Uruguay fixture on Sunday;

Wales (14) v (4) Uruguay at 12:15am MST tomorrow, Sunday, morning in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama; 

                Ireland got the necessary numbers and are presently first in their group, too, pending outcome of the much-anticipated closing fixture of 2019 RWC Pool Play, Japan versus Scotland, and the Irish did it with 47 - 5 victory over Samoa;

 Japan (14) v (10) Scotland at 2:15am MST, tomorrow morning in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama: win big and stifle Brave Bloomers or go home, Caledonia 

post this instant:

                Canada (0) v (0) Namibia at 9:15pm MST tonight, Saturday, at Kamaishi Memorial Recovery Stadium; RWC Championship match for these two;

                Tonga Ikale Tahi(1) v (0) United States of America Eagles at 11:45pm MST tonight, Saturday, at Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Higashiosaka: RWC Championship match for this pair as well.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Women's Premier League Rugby - Finish Line in Sight!

Women’s Premier League

With either one or two fixtures left on their leagues schedules, Women’s Premier League Rugby action is completing its cycle for 2019. The league is off this weekend and when play resumes October 19/20, there will be definition and determination of sequencing on tap. One thing is certain, reigning champs, San Diego Surfers, are out of the running, so there’ll be a new titlist come the Grand Final on Sunday, November 3.

East Conference:
                Atlanta Harlequins have claimed the conference already and have qualified for playoffs as the first seed in that group. The concentration is on number two in the bracket as Twin Cities Amazons, with 16 table points, are currently second-placed, but their close-chasers, New York and Beantown, have a match in hand the ‘Zons and can overtake them with wins in their last two fixtures, though Beantown will need one of those victories to be a bonus-point.

                New York play Twin Cities at noon on Sunday, October 20 in the Big Apple and that outcome will result in one of the sides dropping out of the running for extra time at the conclusion of the league schedule; winner will yet be innit, loser must turn their attention to recruiting for 2020. Twin Cities Amazons, should they earn bonus-point victory, will have secured runnersup position and qualified for the playoffs.

                Beantown, with 13 table points and currently in fourth position in their group, have a home fixture with Chicago North Shore on October 19, the RugbyDay, and should they be successful in that endeavor, then it’ll be a come-to-bejesus meeting at New York for the right to advance to the WPL semifinal round on the last league action of 2019, Sunday, October 27.

West Conference:          
                Life West Gladiatrix, presently at the head of their group, are off on 19/20, and will finish in first place at the conclusion of their road fixture at Oregon Sports Union on Saturday, October 26, with victory on the day.

                Glendale Merlins and Berkeley All Blues have a game in hand Glads, but excepting  a loss by Gladiatrix at ORSU, Life West will top the table at season end. Merls control their own destiny as they’re at ORSU on the 19th and can reserve their playoff berth with victory on that day. Berkeley must receive help from ORSU regarding the Glendale game to remain in the hunt.

Remaining Schedule:

Oct 19  
                San Diego Surfers (11) v (18) Berkeley All Blues at 2pm MST       
                Oregon Sports Union (0) v (24) Glendale Merlins at 4pm MST
                Beantown Rugby (13) v (6) Chicago North Shore at 8pm MST
Oct 20  
                New York Rugby (15) v (16) Twin Cities Amazons at 2pm MST

Oct 26  
                Atlanta Harlequins (30) v (6) Chicago North Shore at 1pm MST
                Oregon Sports Union (0) v (31) Life West Gladiatrix at 4pm MST
                Glendale Merlins (24) v (11) San Diego Surfers at 4pm MST

Oct 27  
                New York Rugby (15) v (13) Beantown Rugby at 2pm MST

Nov 1, 3 - Championship Playoffs

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

RMR On the Weekend: Post and Pre 10.10.19

Rocky Mountain Rugby - WD-1, MD-2 and MD-3 WRaps+
Women’s Division 1:
Road Warriors: HARC
Houston Area Rugby Club came to Colorado on the weekend for a brace of fixtures and returned to Texas with a haul of seven table points after splitting outcomes. HARC got two points in a thriller on the StoveTop v Glendale Merlins on Saturday-the-RugbyDay, returning from 24 points down past the hour mark with 17 unanswered for an outcome of 50 - 43 yet for Glendale at the end of ’80; travelers got the losing bonus point for defeat within 7 and also one for scoring better than 3 trys; HARC bounced back on Sunday with a 34 - 22 victory over Black Ice for the five-pointer.

                WD-1 are off on the upcomer and resume play on October 19 when Utah Vipers host Glendale Merlins in the Beehive State

Men's Division 2

Men’s Division 2: off on league matches this past weekend with inter-divisional matches on tap; action fires hotly on the upcomer with:
                                 Denver Barbarians (5) traveling across the Great Divide for a battle with current frontrunner, Park City Haggis (7);
                                and Boulder Rugby (5) heading down 36 for a showdown at Denver Highlanders (5) - 1pm MST at THE Jake. Whatever outcomes occur on Saturday, the RugbyDay, the chart is bound to change...

Men’s Division 3:

Home Happy: Rams

Queen City Rams got into the win column with 30 - 19 victory over Northern Colorado Flamingos at THE Jake on Saturday; numbers 2-through-5 on the table now within the bonus-point of one another with Colorado Springs Grizzlies maintaining their spot at the top of the league and earning interdivisional success v a game Barbo XV on THE Cooker on the day.

                Saturday, October 12
                                Denver Harlequins (10) v (6) Northern Colorado Flamingos on THE Cooker, noon MST, RugbyDay;

                                Laramie Lumberjacks (7) v (15) Colorado Springs Grizzlies in Laramie, 1pm MST;

                                Northside Marauders (1) (5) Queen City Rams at Williams Field in Superior, 1pm MST

2019 RWC - Thursday 48

Image result for hurricane hagibis

2019 RWC Halted by Hagibis

It takes a lot to stop a rugby match. Apparently a storm currently churning the Western Pacific Ocean with winds better than 150 mph, encompassing an area of a diameter of 180 miles (or well more than the distance from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne... or larger than the State of South Carolina) will do the trick as Super Typhoon Hagibis bears down on the Home Islands of Japan, venue for 2019 RWC. World Rugby has pulled the plug on (at least) a brace of matches: Italy v New Zealand and England v France and declared them draws, earning each nation two pool points.

Prior to:

This move means England and New Zealand finish first in pools C & B respectively, while South Africa and France are  relegated to second, though they still qualify for the quarters. What it also means is Italy have no shot at the knockouts as they’re in third and most likely would have remained there, but one cannot predict future events and never knows with certainty about the outcome of a match now, do one?

Post this Instant... maybe:

          Australia (11) v (5) Georgia at 4:15am MST in Shizuoka Stadium, Ecopa: gonna be rain...

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

2019 RWC Wednesday 48

The Pertinent 48 - Wednesday in a minute!
24 hours either side of now: pools are sorting.
Prior to:
                        Scotland got the expected fiver on a nine-try performance that saw Scots legacy, Adam Hastings, notch 26 on 8 conversions and a brace of touch downs from the pivot  in the 61 - nil win over Russia;  

Wales made a 14 - 10 halftime advantage, and though they fell behind in the early stages of the second stanza, 14 - 17, wound up retaking first in the pool with the 29 - 17, bonus-point victory past Fiji; hat-trick of groundings for Welsh flyer, Josh Adams, in the win;

                        Australia (11) v (5) Georgia at 4:15am in Shizuoka Stadium: Wallabies are through to quarters already and most likely will make second, but they should want the bonus-point here for the statement; could be rainy making slippened paddies and slickened pig;

                        Italy (10) v (14) New Zealand at 10:45pm in Toyota Stadium: All Blacks can claim first in the pool with a draw or better, maybe even with a loss depending on lesser determinants; sauna-esque conditions for the match;

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Olde Boys Rugby - On the Weekend

2020 Golden Oldies Rugby Festival: Quest for the Golden Grail is on!
Colorado Select Ol' Boys plus Queen City RFC Olde Boys
Saturday at the Jake

Colorado Select Ol’ Boys began preparations for next year’s global competition, which will be held in Greater Denver, with a stern test versus the Queen City RFC Olde Boys at the Jake on RugbyDay. Players from Queen City, notably CSOB charter member, Cliff Kimble, coach Charlie Haupt (only ‘cause he was on crutches!), Herk Koranski and Bud Bilanich, were instrumental in the formation of CSOBs along with Barbarians front row, Fred Alexander, Joe Garrity, brothers Bill & Joel Gregg and a list of rugby stars who illuminated the paddock either side of the millennium.
Backhouse minds the scrum-put
And they were all shining brightly during RugbyDay last at the Jake on the day. CSOBs saw the return to form of Denver Highlanders/Breckenridge Blue Goose halfback, Russ Backhouse, and looked sharp through the midfield on to the wing three-quarters where the venerable Denver Harlequins’ Scott Norris alternately fired and cooled his jets. For their measure, Queen City functioned well in cycling ball out wide, crashing in the centers and turnover at breakdown as each XV worked the pill effectively with a weather eye towards June 2020.

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2019 RWC Tuesday 48

The Pertinent 48 - Tuesday in a minute!
24 hours either side of now: pools are sorting.
Prior to:                        
                        South Africa were already up 40-nil in the 36th when their opponents were shown red and went on to a 66 - 7 victory over 14-man Canada; ‘Boks top their table just now but close-chasers, New Zealand have a match in hand and that will go off Friday v Italy;

Post this instant:
                        Argentina (6) v (0) United States of America at 10:45,MST this evening, Tuesday, in Kumagaya Rugby Stadium: should USA hope for the next best thing to making the quarters, which is qualifying for 2023 automatically, that success must begin tonight... Eagles are capable, but winning will require pretty much perfection through the roster;

                        Scotland (5) v (0) Russia at 1:15am MST Wednesday morning in Shizuoka Stadium, Ecopa: gotta get five, Scotland!

                        Wales (9) v (7) Fiji at 3:45am in Oita Stadium: Men of the Red Dragon will look to make a statement here with a third-string standoff... 2007, Nantes, and the 34 - 38 disappointment can be relegated to the dustbin of history for good with significant victory here;


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