Monday, March 30, 2015

Colorado and the PRP - weekend action

Greater Colorado (+WY, UT) Weekend Rugby Roundup - Premiership
Glendale Raptors kicked victory over San Francisco Golden Gate straight into touch in their defeat (21-23) to SFGG in the Kettle, while Denver Barbarians increased their playoff value significantly by knocking off Santa Monica Dolphins in the first PRP matchup on Saturday at the Infinity Rugby Campus Complex. Raptors chose to disdain the eminently makeable three-pointer not once, not twice, but three times – going instead for the loft to touch, lineout and touch down – each would-be try would be denied; SFGG returned the favor just once in the reigning champion’s win that tightens up the PRP race quite nicely.
Barbarians were adrift the Dolphins by a couple after 40 minutes, 8-10,  but Denver absolutely dismantled their guests in the second stanza with 48 unanswered points for a final record of 46-10 to the Men in Green. Bracing Maximo De Achaval, the Barbarians rainman, counted 16 personal points on a try, four conversions and one dropped goal, but the difference for Denver? Two Words: Ben Pinkelman. It was the CSU Rams phenom’s (and Cherry Creek grad) insertion into the Barbos lineup as backrow replacement that added the zip to De Achaval’s zest; Pink creates opportunity and action with his every movement, lighting up the park, inspiring teammates and wowing anyone in the stadium what knows.
The next four weeks will be telling the Barbarians post season plans as they’ve a brace of host duties in the Kettle: SFGG (4.4) and Belmont Shore (4.11); then it’s roadwork at Olympic Club (4.18) and what is shaping up to be a match of mighty import v Raptors on 4.25.
Glendale, after suffering their second loss of the season, have a much-needed bye upcoming, then it’s home v Santa Monica Dolphins (4.11), a trip to Belmont Shore (4.18) and Colorado Derby II * with Barbarians in the midst of the NSCRO semifinals on Saturday the 25th
Glendale are yet in the PRP's topspot with 31 match points, while Denver are 11 table points off the Birds pace with a game in hand.   

* Raptos prevailed over their frenemies in the first meeting ‘twixt the pair this season, 35-21

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