Monday, April 20, 2015

MD-2: Denver Harlequins v Provo Steelers

Denver Harlequins v Provo Steelers
image: vande

Provo Steelers Rugby Club proved it could not only travel out of Utah, but travel and triumph well against severe odds, playing two 80-minute matches in six hours versus opponents separated by a 90-minute road trip; they’ll return to the Beehive State with sufficient table points to secure second seed in the upcoming playoff rounds during the first weekend of May. Men of Steel did it by driving eight hours to Colorado Springs for match action in four inches of snow, their adversaries a fit and form Colorado Springs side that had playoff aspirations themselves.  Provo sorted the Springs, 19-7, and in the process ended Colorado Springs season.
image: vande
Then they tooled up I-25 for a battle with the Quins, and quite the contest it was! 80 minutes of full-on sport, yet a buss from your sis with a dozen for the house as Prove hooker, Mike Valeti, pounded through the defense and across goal to touch down a fiver that drew the travelers level at time: 12-12 the record at magistrate Brighton Khumalo’s last blast.
Seeding for the playoffs:
1.      Park City Haggis
2.      Provo Steelers
3.      Denver Harlequins
4.      Glendale Raptors

#s 1&2 compete. Winner goes to territorials, loser plays winner of #s 3v4. Winner of the latter goes on to territorials.

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