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Morning Joe: 4.12.15

Denver Barbarians v Glendale Raptors
This perfect Saturday morning with a bit of high haze hanging, Raptors ran riot over a Barbarians side that were, at times, their own enemy. Though Barbos swiped a pair of puts against the head and held their own in the lineouts, handling errors and tackling lapses enabled Glendale to showcase the skills of their talented three-quartersline in clinical fashion on the StoveTop turf pitch at Infinity. 
Early knock-on-itis caused possession exchanges for each side before Raptors took their own scrum, 35 meters out from the Barbarians goal. Won and spun on the short side and flyer Phil White free ten meters out for an easy loping transit to touch down for wing-partner AJ Miller’s conversion and 7-nil for Glendale after 5 minutes of action.  
image: Bob Lyon

Raptors knocked-on the ensuing restart and Barbarians had the scrumput at Raptors 22. A series of pick-and-goes steadily forward resulted in a penalty award to Barbos and an eventual five-meter scrum. Won scrum by the Men in Green and ball picked up by 8-man, Mitchell Andrew, saw the backrow lock barge right to the line before containment, but loosehead prop Greg Robeton was there in support. Snatch, step and dive across by “the Robeton” had Barbos on the board and the tallies at 7 and 5 for Raptors in the 11th minute.
Denver were pinged for laying about the breakdown, and Raptor’s Miller exacted punishment by slotting a three-pointer from just beyond the 22 and outside the right post: 10-5 to Glendale at 16.
Raptors were back for more as outside center Kyle Harris rounded the corner and shrugged off a pair of faux stops en route to goal in a 40-meter blistering jaunt that made it 15-5 with 21 minutes gone away magistrate Stu Geiger’s timepiece.
Action between the 22s for the next ten minutes and no numbers until Raptors claimed their own put and pill fired to White found him banging and fending his way 20 meters through a porous Barbos defensive scheme for his second grounding. Miller’s additional deuce and 22-5 for the birds with 31 history.
Three more for Glendale as Miller notched the penalty strike 15 meters out, just off the left post: 25-5 at 35.
White dotted his third after a powerful run by Harris set the wing free to finish fast: 30-5 at Geiger’s halftime signal.
Denver looked the business with ball-in-hand at the tight channel work, but were undone by mishandles in the ¾-line, while Glendale enterprise out wide bore fruit repeatedly in the first forty.
Raptors picked up where they left off after poaching a Barbarian lineout toss with fullback Nate Fa’amautuainu stutter-stepping sweetly through stoppage for his try that made it 35-5 in the 46th minute.
Barbarians with the reply quickly as their forwards poured across the Raptor 22 and down into their opponent’s business district in short, precise p-and-gs from breakdown; hooker, Marco DeGuire, claimed the prize with his pick-and-plunge over goal for the fiver completed by outside center, Jason Jacobsen: 35-12 after 51 minutes.
Another for Raptors with White touching down his fourth of the match and 40-12 at the hour mark.
Jacobsen added a three-pointer for Denver at minute 70: 40-15, and Harris finished the scoring for the day, dotting a brace in minutes 71 and 75, the last converted by Fa’amautuainu for a record of 52-15 in the Raptors favor at Geiger’s last blast.
            Barbarians – Try: Robeton, DeGuire; Con: Jacobsen; Pen: Jacobsen;
            Raptors – Try: White (4), Harris (3), Fa’amautuainu; Con: Miller (2), Fa’amautuainu;          Pen: Miller (2)
Match Official(s): Stu Geiger (Referee); Jim Bramley, Autumn Gardner, (RAs); Joe Zevin (M&E)

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