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Morning Joe: 5.3.15 - Rugby Colorado Semifinal Playoffs: Colorado Springs v Regis

Colorado Springs Grizzlies v Regis Jesuit
         Schlagel, ball-in-hand, breaks to space             image: Curtis Fletcher
Warm and overcast on one of the finest rugby pitches in the state at Aurora Sports Park yesterday for the first of the semifinal pairings that would determine the premier division finalists next week for championship in the Kettle at Infinity. Regis Jesuit were duly diligent in unseating longtime (last five years!) state champs, Colorado Springs Grizzlies. The Jesuit center combination of Drew Schlagel and Cade Alcock grounded a foursome of trys against a brace for the Grizzlies in 38-15 victory to claim a berth in the elite division title match next Saturday. Regis fullback, Isaac Vargas, slotted 13 points on 6-from-6 sticksplitting precision to ensure the win.
The Jesuit got aboard in short order after a lineout, won and spun at Grizzlies 22 meter line, was communicated to inside center Schlagel and he exploded through a pair of would-be stoppers to space and onward for the first touch down of the day; conversion by Vargas and 7-nil Regis in the 6th minute.
Colorado Springs, in possession, responded immediately with short pick-and-goes from the breakdown and tight, first-channel industry to their opponent’s goaline where front row Paddy Donavan scooped pill, punched across and dotted from inclose; with flyhalf Cal Robeson’s additional two, 7-for the House now in the crackerjack contest at minute number 10.
Fierce the fight at breakdown with each side experiencing success at that phase, but Regis maintaining their hold on the pill a bit better and Schlagel once more with the mighty break outside and the scoot into Grizzlies business district where he came to ground; Regis swift in support at that breakdown and second row Steven Jackson with the snatch-and-step from five meters out, strained across for the try completed by Vargas and 14-7 to Jesuit in the 27th minute of action; those the tallies at referee Erik Geib’s halftime whistle and lads to lockers for hydration and instruction just now.
Regis better at securing breakdown ball and Schlagel’s powerful running kept Colorado Springs rear-legged at times.
More for the Jesuit early in the second stanza as Vargas knocked through a penalty struck from inside the interior left hashmark, 27 meters out and 17-7 after 32 minutes.
Regis poached a Grizzlies lineout toss and were subsequently awarded a scrumput just beyond Springs 10 meter line. That set piece won and spun to Schlagel who stepped inside the stop and raced untouched for his second try of the match; conversion by Vargas and 24-7 the tallies approaching the 40-minute mark.
Schlagel dotted again for his hat trick and a further Vargas conversion at the 50th minute, and Regis solidifying its claim now with the scoreline at 31-7.
Another grounding in injury time for the Jesuit by outside center, Cade Alcock, and with Vargas perfect on the day in conversion, 38-7 the sig-figs now. Grizzlies would get a last blast from inside center, Josh Odom, and 38-12 the record at referee Geib’s terminating tweet.
            Grizzlies – Try: Donavan, Odom; Con: Robeson;
            Jesuit – Try: Schlagel (3) Jackson, Alcock; Con: Vargas (5); Pen: Vargas;
Match Official(s): Erik Geib (Referee); Jim Bramley, Mark Huff (Referee Assistants)

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