Thursday, June 18, 2015

USA Rugby Clubside Championships

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USA Rugby Clubsides were held last weekend at Infinity Rugby Complex in Glendale, Colorado. As with any top flight tournament, there was a wide range of everything on-hand: from the sublime beauty and truth of well-orchestrated rugby movement, to the drama of the last-gasp triumph, to the vagrant ill-going weather, to the exceptional competition, much to the delightful thrill of all in attendance; and whether the viewing would have been virtual (online USA rugby tv) or realtime, the spectacle was highly engaging. Herewith, are some numbers from the weekend:
  • 5 Championship fixtures
    • in 3 divisions
      • of 2 genders in the respective divisions
  • 15 Field Magistrates
  • 305 pts scored cumulative
    • 169 in victory
    • 136 in defeat
  • 46 Trys
    • 27 converted
  • 7 Penalties slotted
  • 2 points separation in the closest match
  • 10 points separation the furthest match
  • 5.6 Average margin of victory
  • 1,326 unofficial 2-day attendance

Austin Blacks owned the first 20 minutes of the weather-delayed, venue-switched match, running out to a 21-nil advantage before NYAC was able to respond and comeback for a 27-24 halftime lead to AC. The Blacks popped back in front after the restart and by the 62nd minute were up 39-27. NYAC claimed the important numbers at minute 72, 41-39, and then cemented victory with a further penalty strike right before time for a final of 44-39.
Major takeaway: there is not a significant difference between the Premierships, American and Pacific, and men’s division-1 in the US. For not only did Texas power, Austin Blacks (mega-competently coached by Tane Jericevich), come within a handful of taking down American Rugby Premiership’s #2, the Blacks shellacked Pacific Rugby Premiership club Belmont Shore 36-0 en route to that Grand Final scoreline. Also Mystic River pushed NYAC to the limit in their semifinal before losing to the ARP side 38-32, less than a converted grounding.

Seattle Saracens dotted down in the 6th minute of the championship and never looked back, though Beantown remained within short hailing distance of the titlists throughout the match before dropping to 31-24 defeat. Curious, the offensive choice of the Bostonians to launch aerials to space that was covered comprehensively by Sarries marauding counter, Kelsi Stockert, who finished the final with a brace of trys and a dandy offload to her fullback, that enabled a further and final try for the champs.

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