Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7s in the Park

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Seven-a-side rugby, our sport’s code that will be inaugurated at the XXXI Olympiad in Brasil next year - 2016, both US men’s and women’s teams have qualified - can be viewed or otherwise enjoyed on Wednesday evenings at Cranmer Park (also called “Sundial Park” for the large, time-telling device, prominent at the park’s centerpoint). The weekly 7s league, originated by Dr. Bill Gregg away back in the day, features the fast form of our game in a brace of divisions: men’s and high school emergent men’s, though the easy-going and receptive organizers, Denver Harlequins for the adults and Rugby Colorado Executive Director Hugh Miller for the secondary schools, can accommodate all comers.

Harlequins muster
Glendale Raptors v Marauders: men's league
PAC v Northside: emergents

Of this season’s play, Miller reports: “We nicknamed it Lightning 7s due to all the lovely weather we had early on…”, though the inclemency of that expressed climate has not prevented the likes of: Denver East High Angels, Regis Jesuit, Rocky Mountain Rebels (a select 7s side), Titans, PAC RFC, Northside Dragons, & Wheatridge Warriors from attending their rugby on the day.
Jim Russell (right), and the referee educator's explanation
The action begins as soon as you arrive, or 5:30pm-ish, whichever comes first. The pitches are many and commodious on the expanse of ground in the Park, and if they’re a tad unstrung that is the way of things; if you come by yourself and are looking for a run, you’re sure to find a pickup match but you’d best be quick about it: 7s goes on for only two more weeks, and Miller informs, “These last two weeks will be a double elimination tournament.”

So if you’re looking for rugby as swift and seemly as you’d ever hope to see… Cranmer on the Wednesday is just your ticket!

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