Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pacific Nations Cup: USA v Japan recap

7.24: USA Eagles v Japan Brave Blossoms: Bonney Stadium, Sacramento - an unlikelier ending to a Test match you’ll not see, methinks. 79 minutes plus, and Eagles had drawn level Japan on flyhalf AJ MacGinty’s sixth sticksplitter of the evening: 18-all at 65’, then gone in front, 23-18, on a touch down by openside Andrew Durutalo in the 69th minute; yet drama of the most unsuspected form would ensue shortly.
10 minutes of desperate, knock-your-socks-off rugby and the Brave Blossoms were into Eagles business district in earnest, with their mission, victory; US blindside Scott LaValla was stepping delicately (as a #6 will) through an untidy breakdown when Japan’s openside, Michael Broadhurst, streaked into action, absolutely cleaning out LaValla like a waste basket at a janitor’s olympics and the errant Broadhurst received an early seat, MacGinty the pill to touch, one won lineout later, one final clearance by the Eagles #10, and one sweet win for USA at 23 and 18 the terminal tallies.

Next up for the US will be Tonga on Wednesday, 7.29, at BMO Field, Toronto, 1:30pm Mountain Time

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