Monday, April 11, 2016

PRO Rugby and its Inaugural Kickoff

PRO Rugby Denver - good to go on Sunday!!!

The absolute hottest ticket of the young rugby millennium is on offer in Denver this weekend at Glendale's pristine rugby-only facility, Infinity Park. The professional era has arrived in America and its inaugural (as in first-ever, one time only, never again, be a part of United States Rugby History) matches (PRO Rugby Sacramento kicks off on the West Coast as well) take place on Sunday, April 17 in Colorado and California.
Denver PRO Rugby will face off against Columbus PRO Rugby in what is certain to be a famous occasion in a fixture slated to kick at 2pm MST in America's exclusive, rugby-only venue. Last event of this import held at Infinity would have been the Eagles Test match v Georgia; quite a large number of fans were turned away because they hadn't the prudence to purchase their tickets in advance. Don't be like Prudence, get your tickets up front by following this link and reserving your place at Opening Day of the greatest sports show this Town & Country have yet to see!

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