Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rugby Colorado, Frontier Conference Playoffs


Rugby Colorado High School Boys – Quarterfinal Round

The top four XVs on the final league table have blasted their opposition in the initial set of knockouts:
·        first seed, Regis Jesuit Raiders, topped Arapaho High School Boys, 69-7;
·        Denver East High Angels defeated Chaparral Wolverines, 62-5;
·        Colorado Springs Grizzlies worked PAC Rugby, 79-5;
·        and Aurora Saracens popped the top on Fort Collins Rugby by a score of 58-14

Semifinals will take place at Infinity Rugby Complex at Glendale on Saturday, May 14, from 9am – 1pm:
·        Angels v Grizzlies: this brace of squads have many memorable matches on record; expect this upcomer to be the latest in a long line of entertaining and well-contested examinations;
·        Raiders v Saracens: How do you spell blockbuster physical matchups? Be at the StoveTop on the day to view one of the best in this derby!

Women’s Playoffs – Semifinals
·        Boulder Babes pipped St. Louis Sabres, 25-24, yesterday at the Pleasant Valley Rugby Grounds in Kansas City; Babes take on the Kansas City Jazz today for the right to advance;

Men’s Division 3 Frontier Conference – Semifinals
·        Denver Highlanders blanked St Louis Royals, 32-0 on the Top yesterday and they’ll face off with Wichita Barbarians today at noon on the turf pitch at Infinity;

Men’s Division 2 Conference – Semifinals
·        Omaha GOATS v Provo Steelers
In a fixture that saw GOATS jump out to a 12-nil advantage in the early goings and Steelers looking nonplussed at sixes and sevens, the Utahns put four unanswered trys on their opponents en route to a thrilling, 34-7 victory.
            Omaha – Try: 10, 7, 17, 14; Con: 10 (2); Pen: 10;
            Provo – Try: Halasima, Unga, Mounga, Kuli (2), Lavulavu; Con: Mafoa (3);
Match Officials: Stu Geiger (Referee); Robert Baun, Brian Kelly (RAs); Jim Russell (Coach); Gary Hartzell, Bob Lenanskey (Stats and Evaluation)  

  St. Louis Bombers v Boulder Rugby
The Boys from Boulder made it an all Rocky Mountain Territorial Title match today with a 43-19 win on the StoveTop; a 3:1 try-scoring (all unconverted) ratio in the first forty made for 15 and 5 tallies at the break, while a 2:1 (four against two) unit rate (all converted) in the second stanza made for a 43-19 result at referee Steve Gore’s last blast.
            St. Louis – Try: McGee, McElfish, Henry; Con: Gerard (2);
            Boulder – Try: Shomer (2), Wheeler (2), Kilfoyle, Rohr, Johnson; Con: Johnson (4);
Match Officials: Steve Gore (Referee); Alexis Alfaro, Brian Kelly (RAs); Jim Russell (Coach); Gary            Hartzell, Bob Lenanskey (Stats and Evaluation)  

Provo v Boulder today, Sunday May 8, at 2pm on the StoveTop - That’s your ticket!

Metropolitan State University Rugby, Denver, Colorado, USA

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