Monday, June 6, 2016

USA Rugby Men's Clubside Division-3 Championship

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Clear skies and temperatures in the low 80s with a light wind at kickoff of the D3 title match in the Kettle at Infinity just past midday on Sunday. The contest saw 10 trys-scored in all, with each side grounding a handful, but it was the talented toe of the Yankees outside center, Karl Rempe, that provided the measure of victory courtside for Fairfield.
The New Englanders roared early after Euless mishandled the kickoff and were subsequently pinged for infringement at breakdown; Rempe struck solidly a penalty shot from 30 meters out and it was 3-nil for Fairfield in the third minute.
Yankees extended their advantage from a won-lineout spun swiftly by scrumhalf Dan Sell to his halfback partner, Matt Leonard. The flyhalf’s deft step inside opened a lane to goal and Leonard’s burst put him into that joy to touch down for Rempe’s conversion, and it was 10-0 after nine minutes.
Euless responded forcefully as Samisone Unga fended his way to space at Fairfield’s 10 meter line and offloaded sweetly to flyer Brendan Pahulu who finished quickly for a nickel, and it was 10-5 Fairfield after 14 minutes of frenetic activity.
Yanks back straightaway for more when Leonard popped a looker to space and then collected the jouncer on the trot to dot for Rempe’s additional deuce, 17-5 Fairfield after 16 ticks off referee Jim Rogers’ timepiece.

Texans getting bit by the indiscipline bug and Yankees profiting well from those indiscretions with territorial, as well as possession, gains.
Fairfield lengthened their lead when Leonard slung a skipper out to Rempe who zipped through a defensive crease to finish fast for his own conversion, and it was 24-5 just past the midpoint in the first forty.
Another Rempe sticksplitter from 35 meters made it 27-5 for Fairfield closing in on halftime.
Texans would find joy at the end of the period after four banging pick-and-goes into the Yankees business district, within ten meters of goal, enabled inside center Aisea Maafu to plunge across for a touch down converted by fullback Bryan Ptomey, and it was 27-12 in Fairfield’s favor as Rogers sounded the break and lads to lockers for hydration and the coach’s chat.
Better continuity of possession by Fairfield in the first forty, while Euless looking explosive on counterattack at times.
A Texan was assessed a yellow ticket after re-start and Euless were down a man for a tenner when Yanks won and spun a five-meter scrum. Sell elected to go short side and released flyer James Perkins along touch to close for the try. Conversion by Rempe and 34-12 in the 47th minute.
Standoff Leonard for Fairfield making all the right decisions now from the pivot, putting and keeping an uncertain Texans defense on its unsteady rear leg.
Back at full strength, Euless completed a multi-phase movement that featured short-gaining, energy-sapping pick-and-goes with a pair of penalties to send openside flanker Ila Maile across for his grounding converted by Ptomey, and it was 34-19 in the 55th minute.
Rempe would complete the scoring for Fairfield on a swervy line for 40 meters to goal for his own conversion and 41-19 the significant figures after 67 minutes.
Euless touched down a final pair of trys on dots by Maile at ’72 (his brace) and front row replacement, Paula Olie, just before time – both converted to goal by Ptomey - for a record of 41-33 to Fairfield at Rogers’ last blast.
                Texans – Try: Pahulu, Maafu, Maile (2), Olie; Con: Ptomey (4);
                Yankees - Try: Leonard (2), Rempe (2), Perkins; Con: Rempe (5); Pen: Rempe (2);
Match Officials:  Jim Rogers (Referee); Amelia Luciano, Nick Tricarico (RAs); Mark Huff (PRC)

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