Saturday, August 27, 2016

Serevi RugbyTown 7s - Locals Front

Denver 7s , defending champs in orange and blue, tied at the top of Group C with...

...British Army, in white, whom they'll play today
The 5th running of the Serevi RugbyTown 7s delivered everything one might have hoped for yesterday in the Kettle at Infinity with thunder and lightning evident throughout the opening-day fixtures of the three-day, seven-a-side extravaganza.

Pool A, the Military Group, has Army on top after comprehensive wins over Air Force (41-0), Marines (29-7) and Navy (26-7), and look to claim the pool today v Coast Guard to open today's action at noon; the Marines will be driving the car from the back seat as they'll play numbers two and three, Air Force and Navy, the outcomes of the two matches will determine who moves on to quarters;

Pool B, a lively quintet with home team Glendale Raptors sharing the topspot in the group with Griffins after thrilling comeback action by the aerial predators enabled the draw versus the Southern Californian elites; each play Black Dragons today with the Raptors match kicking just past 12:30;

Pool C, with 2015 Champions Denver 7s and a swift and steadfast British Army 7s bunch both undefeated and through the group, will see its seedings sorted after those squads square off just beyond 1:30 this afternoon;

Pool D, and the UK's Ramblin Jesters look the business in the group at 3-0; they'll finish first if they can best Rogues Rugby at 2:17 today; Tiger Rugby, after a loss to the quarter-panel shirts, will need to secure victory over Stars Rugby 7s at 3:37 in order to advance to the quarterfinal round, which begins at 5pm

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