Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Loss

It is with regret that we note the passing of Colorado Springs Grizzlies junior, Henry Rodriguez. We lost the promising state all-star to suicide over the weekend. To respect the family’s privacy, we’ll state nothing further other than mental health, especially adolescent mental health, is a crucial issue in today’s society. For signs of impending tragedy, access American Psychiatric Association.
For immediate assistance via phone and/or text, access the following:
·         Colorado Branch of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline800.273.8255
o   also this contact can sort assistance and aid from its immense resource database for ancillary support;
o   outreach capable
·         Colorado Crisis Services Support Center: 844.493.8255; they may also be reached via text at:  #38255; text: TALK
·         Safe2tell Colorado: 877. 542.7233; anonymous

Each of the aforementioned organizations are available 24-hours-per-day with no call waiting and respect the caller’s confidentiality. Friends or family members who suspect a loved one may be in crisis can contact a support mechanism via the number(s) above also.

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