Sunday, April 2, 2017

MD-3: Highlanders v Flamingos

Denver Highlanders v Northern Colorado Flamingos

Chill and overcast on Infinity’s StoveTop turf pitch for the match between the ends of the league table. Visitors would be hampered by a 14-man complement that had their hosts at a significant advantage from the get-go.

incoming the lineout

Flamingos kicked off and Highlanders established their platform after that reception at the ensuing breakdown and proceeded forward in short, staggered pick-and-goes until ball swung to the first channel had inside center, Mike Backens, probe the defense though that maneuver was well-contained by the Northern Colorado defensive alignment. Possession maintained by the home team and the skip out to the wing resulted in a bundling to touch and turnover at midfield and a Flamingos lineout. Toss captured by Northern Colorado was spun swift to the standoff, who sped through a gaping hole made by a rushing Highlanders defender and an interior defender who’d hung back. Flamingos number 10 blasted into space, and with a fiery hotstep, wove a finely threaded looping pathway to goal through Denver’s poorly arrayed back-three defense and touched down for his own conversion. The man-deficit proved no obstacle to the guests early: 7-0 Northern Colorado in the fourth minute of action.

Highlanders got five back, 10 minutes on, with a won-lineout and rapid hands along the three-quartersline enabled the homeside to capitalize on the one-player advantage freeing wing Rocco Petramula for his line to goal and touchdown that made it 7-5 for Flamingos after the conversion attempt went wide the left upright.

Petramula got his brace shortly thereafter, and with the added deuce by standoff, Adam Price, homeboys had a lead, 12-7, they’d not relinquish… only expand upon as the Rocky Mountain Division-3 frontrunners carried on for half dozen more groundings by the usual suspects: Backens, Zach Dickinson, Jeff Westbrook, Josh Slater, Tim Hochstetler and company for a scoreline of 50-7 at referee Bill Cook’s final tweet.

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