Saturday, March 3, 2018

Americas Rugby Championship: Uruguay v USA


Los Teros v Eagles
Men’s XV tests juggernaut

This is for all the marbles! Eagles can do the Western Hemisphere double and close their second ARC Title running with an outright win over Los Teros in Montevideo (live kick at 11:30am MST on Their opponents, Uruguay, are on a run of 14 Test victories* and they will be looking to maintain that pace at Estadio Charrua in the South American capital city.

Lineup for the Eagles remains largely the same as last week’s victorious side with head coach Gary Gold applying a minor modification or two. Glendale yet place a quartet on the first fifteen with lock Landry in the engine room, Davies and Magie at the halfbacks, and Bryce Campbell in the midfield, though the Raptors center moves to 13 to make way for inside center Paul Lasike’s starting Test debut. Lasike is more of a natural first center in any case, while Campbell more of an openfield ranger. Mike Teo moves from fullback to wing, while Dylan Audsley shifts from outside center to cover Teo at 15.

Should the unthinkable occur and USA lose to Uruguay today, Eagles can still take the title, but it would be by secondary rights; Los Teros have already dropped a home fixture to Argentina, so were they to win today the tournament champion would be determined by points differential.

Et Al
Chile host Canada in what could turn out to be battle for the basement should Brasil top Argentina in São Jose Dos Campos later on today.
* Los Teros loss to Argentina XV earlier in the series was not a Test as the Argie XV side is not the Pumas, but rather a preparatory Puma team.

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