Friday, March 9, 2018

Opening Day 2018 Rocky Mountain Rugby

Denver Highlanders v Glendale Merlins

2018 Rocky Mountain Rugby Men’s Division-2 officially kicks up on StoveTop at Infinity, 11am Saturday as third-placed Denver Highlanders (15) take on fourth-placed Glendale Merlins (13) with potentially second spot at the table the prize.  A Denver win would put them in front of current runnersup Park City Haggis (17), though the best rugby meal in America would have a game in hand Highlanders. A bonus point win for Merlins would pop those birds up front of Haggis, only just. Regardless, this will be a wonderful opening match to see.

In the first half of the competition cycle last fall up ‘Top, Highlanders blasted three trys and were ahead 19-nil at the 30 minute mark. Thereon it was seesaw with a fine display of sport and 22 the margin of eventual victory for Denver. Do not expect that to occur tomorrow morning as Glendale will aim to stifle the pounding pick-and-goes of their opponents pack and shutdown the mid-channel action that served Highlanders so well in September. Glendale, for their measure, will test Highlanders resolve and look to establish consistent, ultimately productive possession through their swift forwards and swifter threequarters. If you see a fire on the horizon thisaway on Saturday, the RugbyDay, why that would be the barn burning up ‘Top! I’m goin’? You goin’?


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