Sunday, April 22, 2018

Barbos, Raptors triumphant on the RugbyDay

Denver Barbarians and Glendale Raptors notched wins yesterday at the Infinity Rugby Complex in Glendale.
The Barbo completed a perfect season with the 28-nil victory by forfeit over the Merlins: 10-0-0 and 50 table points the Men in Green's account on the year. Barbarians face Park City Haggis next weekend for the right to represent our area at the USARFU Men's Division-2 playoff competition in May.

Glendale Raptors, charter member of Major League Rugby, opened the inaugural professional season in America with a 41-26 win past Austin Elite. Former University of Colorado and Denver Barbarians legend, Maximo de Achaval, dotted in the first forty as Raptors rolled to a 24-7 midpoint advantage. However, a trio of cards, a yellow and two reds, reduced the home XV to a dozen by the 75th minute and enabled the travelers to ground thrice in the second stanza for the record.

Austin in preparatory warmup Saturday

Raptors are on the trot next weekend at Seattle SeaWolves host San Diego Legion today in their opener.

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