Saturday, July 7, 2018

Major League Rugby - FINAL EXAM Time

By the Numbers

3 Reasons why Glendale will win the 1st Championship by 4, 38-34*

2 (6)      Zach Fenoglio, whether he’ll be packing down at the side of the scrum or striking for the put, the former Eagles hooker has an almost uncanny ability to cover the pitch and find the most effective position to either support play moving forward or staunch the flow of opponents’ movement. The savvy forward is always in the mix employing and applying what legendary Rugby Colorado pilot, John Paterson, would call a dynamic and inherently precise, “GPS”. Fenoglio ranked fourth in the league on try-scoring this season, so he knows how to find the paint as well.
Fenoglio, ball-in-hand, blasting

9             To put it simply, there is no better scrumhalf operating in the States, possibly the Western Hemisphere, than Shaun Davies. The speed and surety of the Eagle halfback’s service enables Raptors three-quartersline the critical extra nano-seconds to work the magic that frees up the likes of flyer Harley Davidson to pile on the points. As witnessed time and again during the ARC series in the spring and the recent Summer Tests, Mr. Davies does not shy away from the tackle either; no matter if it be a roiling mass of prop approaching, or bumble of boisterous backrow en route, the consummate halfback is keen for engagement and concise in containment of his adversary’s play; a sweet blend of skill and determination. Mind his Garryowen as well!
Davies, bearded in dark, minds the Argentine XV wonput

15           The finest three-quarters in the land never to have worn an Eagles cap, Maximo De Achaval, is an essential rugby player. His calmness and deliberation, whether it be under the high ball, in confrontation of an opponent with definitive stop, or threading the defense to try (or set one up), this Texas-born, Argentine product is epitomous effect. Thing about elite setup guys like De Achaval, they work the collaboration so well, that when they decide to keep possession and back their own play, they are the ghost that vaporizes, reappearing meters on in space – you‘ll see that tonight from De Achaval, but you must pay close attention!

Go You Raptors

* this could explain the numbers: totals points scored, the prime factoring of that sum,  the difference that makes, my birthdate, angels on the head of a pin, the quotient that number makes with zero as denominator, 9er, etc... modeled after the World Rugby algorithm that calculates rankings!

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