Saturday, July 21, 2018

San Francisco World 7-a-sides

San Francisco World Cup 7s
- h. Richard, Java Beach, 7.21.18
USA men’s 7s, seeded fifth, worked Wales (12) for five trys, blanking their opponents 35-nil in the final match last night at the SF 7s Rugby Festival on Friday in the Round of 16. Scotland (8) returned to top Kenya (9) in overtime, 31-26, in an oddly administered match that saw the Africans down to four men by the death.

Numero uno seed South Africa got four touch downs from phenom, Siviwe Soyizwapi, in its 45-7 pasting of Ireland (16), while second seeded Fiji defeated Japan (15), 35-10, and New Zealand (3) defeated Russia (14) 29-5.

England (4) squeaked by Samoa (13), 19-15; Argentina (7) blanked Canada (10) 28-0, and in the only upset of the round, France (11) beat Australia (6), 22-17.

Upcoming Quarterfinal Round today: Men’s Winners all times local, PCT
Scotland (8) v (1) South Africa: 3:30pm
Argentina (7) v (2) Fiji: 3:50pm
France (11) v (3) New Zealand: 4:15pm

        USA (4) v (5) England: 4:35pm

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