Thursday, September 6, 2018

Opening Day: Rocky Mountain Rugby, Rugby Colorado

High School Girls at Summit County, all day, Saturday, 9.8;
Youth: u-14s (noon kickoff), u-13s (11am), u-12s (10am), u-10s (9am), u-9s (8am) at City Park, 23rd and Colorado, ALL DAY LONG!!! - Sat, 9.8
Opening Day
The USA Rugby 2018-2019 season is upon us! If you’re not fit and ready for it you’ll most likely discover that sad fact on Saturday, this first, RugbyDay.

Women’s Premier League: Glendale Merlins host league-leading Berkeley All Blues down the Kettle at Infinity, 5pm, Saturday 9.8 – as must-win a match for the Merls as it gets in the early seasonal goings;

Men’s D-1: not until January;

Women’s D-1: Glendale Merlins host Black Ice, 2:30pm at Infinity;

Men’s D-2: Bit of a modification in the league complexion; Glendale have dropped out, leaving a handful of stalwarts, but Denver MisFits, a newly-registered, Front Range side, will play a provisional D-2/D-3 schedule.
               Denver Barbarians v Denver Highlanders at The Jake, 1pm on Saturday 9.8: an engagement with the USA Rugby reigning National Champions never an easy go. This one should prove no different. Barbos are big, strong and looking to defend the title; Highlanders were promoted from D-3 last season and faired reasonably well, but this fixture, one mighty ask; the Men in Green, phoenix-like, rose from the ashes of an abysmal, 1-11-0, D-2 competition in ’15-’16 to best the Best in ’17-’18 on their run to the National Championship in June; the Big Bang;
               Denver Harlequins host Boulder Rugby at Cook Park’s “Cooker” rugby ground, nooner, Saturday, 9.8; Boulder were middle of the pack on the table in ’17-’18 and will be looking to improve on that placement; Harlequins will undoubtedly proffer a dull surprise for their guests in response; I’ll be there… you?

Men’s D-3: possibly the most competitive of the divisions, MD-2 has five clubs at table as well; (2017-2018 table points in parentheses)
               Colorado Grizzlies (54) v (35) Northern Colorado Flamingos down in the Springs on Saturday, 9.8;
               Littleton Eagles (38) v (32) Queen City Rams at Observatory Park, 4pm , 9.8 – Match of the Weekend;
               Laramie Lumberjacks (11) v (n/a) Denver MisFits in Laramie;

Men’s D-4
               This is a 12-team league in 3 divisions of: 3 clubs, 4 clubs and 5 clubs for no apparent reason... one might go figure : ), mind boggler, nu?

Colleges are up and after the pill also on the weekend 

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