Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rocky Mountain Rugby Men's Divisional Roundup: 9.26.18

Rocky Mountain Rugby – By the Numbers: MDs 2-4, 9.25.18

MD-2: The Red Premiership Division

               19           -try Haggis tripped up Harlequins at their redoubt high on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains at Park City, 113-nil; everyone’s favorite rugby meal had the bonus-point by ’14 and 10 touch downs at the half in the rout;

               11           groundings in total by the XVs, but Boulder defended its home grounds at PleasantView sublimely well in the 42-31 win over Barbarians that has set the stage for an entirely new MD-2 run this season; see match report;

               Highlanders played an inter-divisional match
upcoming Saturday, 9.29
               Denver Highlanders (0) v (10) Boulder Rugby at the Jake, 1pm: wotcher, Highlanders?
               Denver Barbarians (6) v (0) Denver Harlequins at Cook Park, 1pm: Barbos looking for a fiver here;

Haggis v MisFits - friendly

MD-3: The White Championship Division

19           -nil early in the last half before Grizzlies nearly did the trick at Queen City; lively the scoring thereafter until 29-26 by ’65 for Rams; a last grounding for home team made for a record of 36-26 at time; 1 brace of touch downs for Queen City openside, Steve O’Malley;

10           -try Northern Colorado Flamingos routed Laramie Lumberjacks at home with a palindromic, 62-26, victory; 3 of those by blindside, Gabe McCabe for his hat-trick;

Littleton were idle in the league

upcoming Saturday, 9.29
               Laramie Lumberjacks (1) v (1) Colorado Springs Grizzlies: winner in Wyoming gets distance from the cellar:
               Northern Colorado Flamingos (10) v (0) Littleton Eagles: birdfight, and Flamingos are flying along just now;
Queen City Rams on the bye

MD-4: The Blue Challenge Division
38           first forty points aided the Denver Barbarians win at Boulder Rugby, 50-10;

41           -nil the result for Colorado Springs Grizzlies in the win over Colorado Rush;

28           -nil for Northern Colorado Flamingos in their win past Fort Carson

upcoming Saturday, 9.29

               Marauders (15) v (10) Queen City, 1pm@Marauders; on fire... Match of Weekend
               Rush (11) v (-9) Fort Carson, 1pm@Rush; one might wonder, how does a club earn negative nine... -er?
               Barbo (5) v (-1) Quins, 3pm @Cooker; ditto, except negativity of one here!... octo math?
               Highlanders (0) v (5) Boulder, 3pm@Jake;
               Flamingos (5) v (4) Eagles, 3pm@NorCo

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