Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Men's Division 3, Tabletopper


Queen City Rams v Northern Colorado Flamingos

On about as fine a RugbyDay as you're like to see, Queen City Rams and Northern Colorado Flamingos contested the pill to determine which club would claim prominence over the lengthy winter break. Each had shown the ability to rack up points, City on 42 points-per-match-average (ppma) and NorCo with a whopping 55 ppma, though both defenses had allowed numbers against: Queen City permitting a shade under 25 while Flamingos let in a bit less than 30. This had all the makings for derby of blockbuster proportions with topspot the prize.

And it was for one.
City with the long lineout take

First kick and battle joined, the sides feeling one another out with the short stabs of the pick-and-go from breakdown until turnover exacted or minor penalty assessed affecting that possession exchange. 

Northern Colorado with the penalty award five meters from their hosts tryline. Early jumps by the Queen City defenders required a couple of penalty re-sets before scrumhalf Robert Busbee fed  a charging openside flanker, Jalon Morton, who cut into goal on the angle to touch down for a 5-nil Flamingos lead, five minutes into it.

Much work from both sides in the mid-channels and from p-n-gs subsequent to breakdown as action flowed over the pitch, largely between the 22s. Queen City inside center, Tom Pearce, crafty with a pair of sly strips of NorCo ball at tackle.

An exchange of penalties had City with a lineout, 30 meters from goal. Ball won and spun to the workers in midfield who painstakingly shunted forward in fits and starts from stoppage-caused rucks into the Flamingos 22. Pill channeled from the solid Rams platform at breakdown to the rear where scrumhalf, Tim Flynn, had a looksee weak side and stole around the base of the loose piece in that direction, collecting ball as he sped; one show-and-gone for Flynn as he stepped inside a would-be stopper en route for the try and drawn scores at 20 minutes: 5-5 for everybody.

City were returned on the front foot quickly and pressuring hard the NorCo line, now smashing the first channel, now opening up wide to their wingers and Flamingos gave ground grudgingly, yet on the back leg. Breakdown inside the visitors business district, ten meters from goal, City ball. Scoop at the back by 8man, Bryan Gustafson, who carried a pair of stoppers into the Promised Land along to touch down for the plus two by standoff, Alex Friedman, and 12-5 for  homeboys in the 23rd minute.

Another sweet dummy by Flynn had the crafty nine in space for his brace and following Friedman's additional deuce, 19-5 City at '32.

Queen City would get the bonus try by engine roomee, John Vivirski, who was out on the overlap at 22 meters and he legged it round the defensive alignment for his touch down, covering great heaps of ground in his lengthy stride for Friedman's conversion and 26-5 for Rams at '35. Queen City were setting the Jake on fire just then.

Homeboys got one more prior to the half, with outside center, Kaine Dimech, blasting into space for a 30-meter romp to goal and a grounding that made tallies of 33 and 5 after Friedman's +2, and the scoreline was for Queen City at the half.

Queen City had established their methodic pattern of multiple p-n-gs interspersed with mid-channel barges and wide-out communications, while Flamingos were oft times struggling on the back leg.

First half of the second stanza well-contested with both XVs mounting attacks that were well-contained by their adversaries through the hour mark before Queen City erupted for five unanswered scores by: #10, Lewis McKissick at '61 (own conversion); wing, Bobby Haynes at '65; Dimech at '68 for his brace (converted by McKissick); Friedman at '75 (McKissick +2); and a last by relief lock, Matt Williams (conversion by replacement half, Charlie Keener), for a record of 66-5 at the referee's last blast.

               Rams - Try: Flynn (2), Gustafson, Vivirski, Dimech (2), McKissick, Haynes, Friedman, Williams; Con: Friedman (6), McKissick, Keener;
               Flamingos - Try: Morton


  1. Great write-up, Bernie! One correction: the final try was by Matthew Williams, not Joe Olivetti

    1. Got it. Switched it up. Many thanks! Had to correct a verb tense as well, oy!

  2. Ya Bernie , I think one of the try’s was from Tim Guerra