Monday, October 8, 2018

Opening Salvos: Raptors v Barbarians Match Analysis by MatchWorks' Man in the Stan's

Heated play at a chill Kettle

 Denver Barbarians v Glendale Raptors
contributed by: “Our Man in the Stan’s”
MatchWorks: friendly; 10.6.18; Infinity Park; through minute 63

Lineouts: of those 19 set pieces, Glendale won 9, 3 Barbo tosses, and Barbarians won 10, 2 of Raptors; the lineout is clearly a significant part of the Raptors attacking game, where they seemed to throw middle or back and then attempt the rolling maul.

Scrums: of those 10 sets, Glendale took 5 and Barbo claimed 5 included 1 against the head.
Glendale front row seems to struggle under pressure. Barbarians did well to hold their own, at times seemed dominant. On occasion, Glendale seemed to be feeding the ball rather than hooking, which the laws require now.
Glendale scrum needs to improve before MLR season. The one solid platform in the first half yielded approximately 20 meters of gain. One could expect more from a professional team against a club side.

Penalties: 13
Glendale 8 (in favour of); Barbarians 5 (in favour of)
Indicates a reasonably clean game; Glendale fortunate that the Barbarians did not have great kickers. In the MLR season their tendency to go offside, could be costly. In this game, the penalties cost some significant territory, and yielded 3 points.
A stronger side with good kickers and combative lineouts may perceive this as a weakness to exploit.

Rucks: approximately  55 in 63 minutes, a good indicator of the importance of good rucking, and the intensity of the game. 

Method: Attacking patterns on both sides were not super sophisticated. 
Barbarians struggled, unsurprisingly, to cope with the speed of the game, which was detrimental to building an effective attacking pattern.
The drum tattoo of pass-contact-pass-contact was evident on both sides of the ball.
Glendale rely heavily on their fast pass to the wings and hope for territorial gains in the sprint race...It works... Sometimes.
Good to see them (Raptors) punch through the midfield 3-4 times.
The Glendale attacking game is very structured and may be challenged by higher IQ / conditioned teams .... not much evidence of multi-faceted attacking patterns.

Match Official: (the esteemed) Mose Timoteo

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