Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Women's Premier League: By the Numbers - 10.2

WPL: By the Numbers – 10.2

31           for everybody down the Kettle at Infinity at the end of the day as the 3rd instance of knotted scores made for the record in an epic battle; San Diego Surfers held a 14-point, 17-3 advantage at the end of 40, but Glendale Merlins fought back for the 3 table-points buss; tallies were locked at 24s before Surfers 11, Tiff Tate, dotted for 12, Megan Foster’s conversion and visitors had the lead, 31-24, in the 68th minute; a yellow for a Surfers replacement had the travelers down a player at ‘73 for the remainder of the action and Merls capitalized 2 minutes on with a grounding by flyer, Nichole Wannamaker, conversion by Glendale 10, Hannah Stolba, and 31-31 the result;

4             lead changes and 1 drawn score in the 1st 40, and 4 points the measure of separation at the half, 19-15, before  New York Rugby  opened up the Atlanta defense in the second stanza, outscoring Harlequins, 39-17, during that interval for 58-32 victory; 4, also, the count of trys for NY finisher, Sarah Levy;

3             lead changes and twice tied tallies in the 1st 40, before Berkeley claimed 17-12 advantage on a grounding by All Blues tighthead, Ellie Edwards, near time in the half; doubles from ORSU openside Rachel Johnson, and Berkeley 12, Bulou Mataitoga, and tighthead, Adrienne Acosta, in the 36-31, 5-point, road win;

4             lead changes and two knots made for a lively show in Boston as Beantown fell to 12-52 defeat at the hands of marauding Twin Cities Amazons; visitors 13,  Kelsey Coley, touched down a try at time in the half, to draw level at dozens and Amazons claimed a lead 14-12 at the midpoint with the plus 2 by 15, Megan Wolf, that they would only increase;

Upcomes the weekend
Sat, 10.6

Glendale Merlins (19) v (14) ORSU down the Kettle at Infinity: Merls’ll be seeking max points;

Berkeley (19) v (4)  Chicago in Cali: ditto All Blues;

Sun, 9.30

Twin Cities (19) v (17) Atlanta Harlequins at Minnesota: for numero uno

D.C. (6) v (17) N.Y. in the District: travelers need to keep pace with frontrunning Amazons, but Furies tough at home;

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