Saturday, October 27, 2018

WPL Championship: Surfers v Merlins

WPL Playoffs: Semifinals By the Numbers
– Life University, Marietta Georgia; 10.26.18

18           and 0 the significant figures after the first forty as San Diego counted an advantage they’d not relinquish in the Surfers 26-17 defeat of New York Rugby; 3 yellows testimony to the fractivity evident onpitch with the last issued in the final 10 to a Surfer with San Diego ahead 23-10, enabling a near-NY comeback after goal scored to bring the tallies to 23 and 17, but a sticksplitter by 12, Meg Foster, near time sealed the victory and San Diego’s berth in the final;

2             first forty groundings for Glendale number 1, Sarah Chobot, and Merlins extended a 12-5 midpoint advantage to 30-5 result, upending Red Conference champs, Twin Cities Amazons; 10 from the toe of victors 10, Hannah Stolba on 2-and-2 struck off the boot;

Sunday, October 28, 2018
Women’s Premier League Rugby 10th Anniversary Championship
San Diego Surfers v Glendale Merlins: 1:30pm MST – watch it live on Flo – subscription required


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