Friday, November 23, 2018

November Exam results, predictions

Test Action: Saturdays, November 17 & 24, 2018

Ireland appear to have New Zealand’s number in every way but one. Last brace of meetings, Ireland topped the All Blacks, in 2017 at Chicago, USA and last weekend at the RDS in Dublin. Yet the 16-9 victory was insufficient for Ireland to unseat New Zealand from the top of the chart if the convoluted and mystifying manner in which the IRB determines rankings is to be believed.* End of the day, Ireland bested the World’s Best on that day and their just reward will be an encounter with our Eagles on the upcomer, while the Kiwis will seek a modicum of redress on the boot, Saturday.

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Have you ever checked out World Rugby’s “explanation” of how a nation’s numerical placement on the global table is determined? In an evident attempt at transparency is laughable: for example, the phrase, “relative strength of each team” is thrown out, but one doesn’t really know how that strength is determined or even if it has to do with the cumulative total of players’ cousins expected at the match. And if one seeks clarification from World Rugby, good luck. They’ve an abysmal record of response to queries; though they invite them, they don’t respond, which leads one to hazard that perhaps the person(s) who came up with the algorithm has gone to their great reward without transferring that number sentence to a living soul. 
There’s a fair amount of entitled inveteracy in the high level backrooms of our game, but as all such circumstance, Archimedes’ lever and fulcrum don’t affect those plants.

Georgia Lelos host Tonga ‘Ikale Tahi, the result of which could favorably impact our Eagles. For the US have jumped 2 places into 13th, and with Tonga, who are in 12th and one ahead of the Eagles,  on the road at Georgia who have fallen to 15, a fair showing by USA in Dublin this weekend and we’ll close on 12. Tough ask as Ireland is the new planet boss, nevermind what World Rugby conjures using octonians, voodoo rabbits and a flask of gin. Tonga are, like, 0.18, World Rugby Richter Scale points in front of the Eagles, so should Tonga lose to Georgia on Saturday in Tbilisi, and US lose respectably, Eagles would be in rarefied air indeed, Rugby World rankings calculation notwithstanding.
Australia would dearly like the win at Twickers on Saturday, as the Wallaby November Tour has been lackluster thus far. England, for their part, will look to make definitive victory on their cousins from Oz.

Wales v South Africa at the Millennium Stadium will not be for the faint of heart. Wales are blistering hot right now with every man contributing. Springboks, however, will be seeking a winning record this tour and won’t do it with a loss here; Match of Weekend.

Les Blues, also want a winning record this month and will only accomplish that by topping Fiji at Stade de France.

Ditto Scotland at Murrayfield v Argentina. Homeboys need victory for a winning November while their Argentine tourists surely desire a single joy from their Northern Hemisphere, and they’ll not get it without a win in Edinburgh tomorrow.

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