Sunday, February 24, 2019

Major League Rugby North America: On the Weekend, By the Numbers

Major League Rugby North America: On the Weekend, By the Numbers; 2.24

5             in a row now at home for Austin Elite and that is not meant in a good way, for San Diego Legion never trailed in Texas, running out to 28-10 advantage after ’40, and closing it out for 5-point, 45-17 road joy and the ordering seat at the reasonably unruly MLR feast;

2             trys for Warriors wing, Gannon Moore, and 2, too, for Raptors flyer John Ryberg, and Glendale returned from 0-21 early in the second stanza to draw with Utah, 26-for everyone, on the far Western Slope of the Rockies; Raptors wing, Harley Davidson, broke the visitor scoring drought with a grounding in the 48th minute to make scores of 21 and 5; KC Bluesman Moore got his second just shy the hour mark and 26-5 the awful truth for Glendale at that stage; but bang-bang-bang went the Raptors try-hammer inside 10 minutes and with conversion of the 3rd by 15, Max De Achaval, at ’72, Glendale had gotten the improbably thrilling road draw, 26-26;

19           for Toronto 10, Sam Malcolm, on the conversion of all 5 Arrows trys  plus 3 penalties as the visitors made a 27-10 midpoint margin stick for 44-27 victory in Houston; SabreCats 10, Sam Windsor, got a 12-point triple with 2 conversions, 1 penalty and 1 try;

3             first-40 lead changes and 2 instances of drawn scores at 7s and 14s at ’13 and ’24, before Seattle SeaWolves put 4 unanswered in the next 40 minute interval for 33-21 victory over previously unbeaten NY United at the Starfire Arena; 18 for 'Wolves captain, Brock Staller, on 4 conversions and 2 trys in the bonus-point win.

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