Sunday, March 3, 2019

ARC Round 4 WRap

Americas Rugby Championship - 2019 RWC

Argentina XV fair closed out the ARC tournament with victory over Canada, 39-23, Friday evening at Westhills Stadium, Langford on Vancouver Island. The young Pumas have Chile in Santiago last round and should finish with an undefeated record and the trophy. Argentina XV is comprised of domestic provincials, up-and-comers who have not seen national duty nor taken the pitch with Super Rugby Jaguares.

The fact that the XV have taken on and dusted all Americas national sides means one thing: Argentina are deep, way deep, and that is not necessarily a good thing for USA Eagles, who’ll be swimming in the same pool waters as the South Americans come RWC-Japan in half a year or so. Also in the roiling froth of Pool C are England (yikes!), France (merde!) and Tonga, never an easy mark and a XV whom US have never beaten in the 15s code.

So the Eagles road to 2019 RWC, ever so promising last fall when #12 ranking in the world was had, has been rocked by recent performance in the ARC… maybe notso clear anymore, obfuscated, with many wtfs and dysfunctional turn signals. Eagles lost to current number 17, Uruguay, yesterday and had a tough go of the win at home v #26, Brasil, and though yet ranked at 13, one may expect to see that number drop as head coach Gary Gold and staff sort out their final ARC fixture - at Canada in Washington State (I know!) - it will be the Eagles instructional crew who now have the reasonably formidable job of putting the US back onto the path whose present cycle will terminate - happily one should hope - this  fall in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Eagles lost to Uruguay yesterday, 25-32, while Brasil was beating Chile, 15-10, south of the equator. Last round, though not really anticlimactic, will yet be rife with drama as an entirely new set of questions are now on the table for RWC-prepping Canada, Uruguay and USA. 

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