Thursday, March 21, 2019

High School: Emergent Men - Angels v Falcons

Angels 13, Charlie Bennett, serves up the pill to a speeding Ben Gottesfeld

Denver East High Angels v Northern Colorado Springs Falcons

Peerless sky and perfect weather for the match between undefeated aerial artistes, Angels and Falcons, on the StoveTop on Wednesday evening under the able administration of field magistrate, Rick Goldammer.

Lads into it straightaway with the high hanging hoist from East 10, Liam Peck, and the force of impact at initial engagement set the tone for the contest, deliberation, determination and powerful intent.

Falcons poached an Angels lineout early and set up the short, stabbing pick-and-goes from breakdown for the moment well into the Denver 22 before knock-on reversed possession and East were on the front foot, patiently working the p-and-gs from the tackle, interspersing those bangers with occasional interior running schemes.

A won lineout 12 meters from goal and homeboys sure-handed scrumhalf, Devon Musselman, worked his forwards into the Falcons business district, ten meters from the Promised Land. Five bruising phases on, tighthead prop Trevor Barrios, on the fast trot, banged across to touch down for the first points of the match, and with conversion by Peck, 7-nil Denver after eight minutes.

Rapid recycle by Musselman and the jinky steps of halfback partner Peck were keeping the Springs XV on the rear leg until Falcons 14, Justin Abate, on a kick counter from his own 10 meter line, tore off on an angled cutter that saw him blast into host territory and down two meters from the paint before being brought to ground. Stifling defense by Angels shut down the attack and Peck was able to clear his lines.

Middle of the half and a Springs clearance that didn’t find touch made for a return by Denver flyer, Langston Hood, for 30 meters and a touch down converted by Peck: 14-0 for Angels in the 16th minute.

Handling errors by the visitors were seeming to be a valid Angels defensive plan as knock-ons, flingy passes to no one in particular and errant kicks impeded the consistency and continuity of offense.

Falcons were back inside the East 22, working the pill crossfield from breakdown when their runner went to ground five meters from goal, swift service on the weak side by 9, Matt Adams, and transfer to 11, Jack Latanzi, who crossed and dotted for the additional deuce by flyhalf, Scharl du Toit, and 14-7 now in the 25th minute yet for the hosts, but... game on!

Lads to lockers for hydration and instruction at Goldammer’s midpoint signal. Sides were about even on possession and territorial advantage, each with forays deep into their opponent’s 22s, that required immediate and comprehensive preventive actions; ultimately yield a scoreline of 14-7.

East blasted from the sheds and fullback, Jack Rocchio, grounded after a spot of work in the Falcons business district on a reverse cutter for the try converted by Peck and 21-7 at ’34.
Denver 9, Musselman, prepares to serve his three-quarters while Goldhammer minds the offsides line
Springs blindside flanker, Zach Tuggle made the hard yards into Denver’s 22 before Adams’ swing to openside, Connor Twigg, enabled the power forward to bash across for a try plus 2 by du Toit and 21-14 midway through the last half.

With less than 10 minutes remaining, Barrios would get his brace on a hard charge from penalty award 10 meters out; Peck’s attempt at plus-two sailed across the face of the uprights and tallies of 26 and 14 right then.

NCOS drew within a converted goal after a Falcons lineout poach and a spirited Twigg dazzler set up relief three-quarters, Sean Wood, to dot in the corner; 26-19, with a handful of ticks to go and palpable tension up ‘Top now-now.

Angels closed out the competition on a grounding by breakaway, Angus Skinner, prior to the death and after completion by Peck, 33-19 the record and five points for Denver at the Sir’s final tweet.

               Denver East High Angels - Try: Barrios (2), Hood, Rocchio, Skinner; Con: Peck (4);
               North Colorado Springs Falcons - Try: Latanzi, Twigg, Wood; Con: du Toit (2)
Match Official: Rick Goldammer

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