Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Major League Rugby: Preview - 3.30,3.31

Major League Rugby North America - Preview: 3.30, 3.31
Saturday, March 30:
               Austin Elite (4) v (28) New York United at Toyota Field, San Antonio TX, noon MST: lower v upper with lower due; possibly not today, but certainly soon come; low 70s, overcast with minimal wind, no real rain;

               Utah Warriors (8) v (17) Toronto Arrows at Zions Bank Stadium, Herriman UT, 2pm MST: home team, also, are due and perchance this be their time; travelers will not like a loss here as it puts them further back the playoff pace;  high 40s and sunny, so sunblock up! no rain and a bitty wind;

               Glendale Raptors (23) v (31) NOLA Gold in the Kettle at Infinity, 7pm: kinda-sorta must win for homeboys, and if not must then should; visitors with the most prodigious offense in the league, while their hosts on this RugbyDay have had the best of possession of any club… Raptors just haven’t closed enough of that custody; end of the day, this’ll be a jim-dandy! there’s meant to be a funky spring weather event Friday through Saturday with potential to at minimum leave the pitch a tad greasy for kickoff, and anyways temps in the upper 30s might indicate an extra layer or five for the boot; Match-of-Day;

Sunday, March31:
               Seattle SeaWolves (25) v (22) San Diego Legion at Starfire in Tukwila, 6pm MST: these clubs are so similar that the result could be a draw… but it’s not gonna be; ‘Wolves are the hottest on a run of four and are unbeaten at home; Legion haven’t lost on the trot; this, why this’ll be a ding-dong dandy is what this’ll be;  Match-of-Day; 60⁰at kickoff + cloud cover + no rain + little wind = perfect.
Houston on the bye

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