Thursday, March 14, 2019

Major League Rugby Upcoming the Weekend: 3.15-16

                    Major League Rugby North America
                                                     3.15-16 preview
Friday, 3.15:

               New York United (16) v (18) Toronto Arrows at Gaelic Park, Bronx New York NY: this’ll be the first Major League professional rugby match in the quadrant north of the Mason Dixon and east of the Mississippi… ever! and if that weren’t sufficient to pique one’s intent, the squads are #s 5 and 6 at table and the winner could wind up within the playoff frame (#s 1-4) at the conclusion of the weekend; plus it’s United’s first home fixture; Toronto are presently placed sixth in the standings, but could move into a top-four playoff spot with a favorable outcome and help on Saturday; all this makes this Match-of-the-Day; bangbangbangbang - cool and windy with precipitation during the week making for a slick surface;

Saturday, 3.16:

               Austin Elite Rugby (2) v (19) Seattle SeaWolves at Dell Diamond, Round Rock TX: visitors will be looking for as many points as possible; best not overlook or the Elite could surprise, surprise... they are due; bangbang - temperatures in the 50s, outside shot at rain, but otherwise perfect conditions for the derby;

               Houston SabreCats (6) v (21) NOLA Gold at Constellation Field in Sugar Land TX: visitors must win to maintain the ordering seat at table; hosts are on a run of four losses, by better than two converted goals each defeat; ‘Cats need to find the try zone with greater frequency as they’re last in the league at that currently; Gold are second most at grounding the pill, but they’re also second most at conceding penalties and Houston numbers guy, Sam Windsor, will exact three-point punishment fair regular should the NOLA XV enable that; Big Easy have a four-pack of slavering beasts on their direct hindquarter, any of them could supplant the frontrunners should they misstep here and now; bangbang - it’ll be pushing 60⁰ with a bit of a breeze for the initial drop of the match, but Friday storms could leave residual moisture afoot;
               Glendale Raptors (20) v (19) San Diego Legion in the Kettle at Infinity, Glendale CO: if the battle ‘tween Raptors flyhalf, Robbie Petzer, and Legion 10, Joe Pietersen, doesn’t water you mouth, it should: up-and-comer v cagey veteran... both can direct their respective clubs’ patterns with lofts long and lofty for territory, or short and stabbing as tactical strikes; to be sure, the actions of the remainder of the three-quarters line will affect and make for the outcome, but it’ll be these boys’ decisive manipulations and maneuvers at the pivot that’ll make the day for their clubs; Match-of-the-Weekend; bangedybangbangbangBOOM.


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