Sunday, March 3, 2019

Major League Rugby WRap: On the Weekend By the Numbers

Major League Rugby North America - Weekend WRap

By the Numbers: two road wins and an opening home victory on the weekend; two mountain snow game events as the American professional competition commenced and concluded its Saturday fixtures.

            try New York United got the road fiver over Houston with comprehension, 35-8, on Saturday evening; brace by flanker Jim Denise and a fiver by former England international and United player-coach, Ben Foden, along with a touch down to open the NY account by Dylan Fawsitt at ’13 and one to close out through flanker, Derek Lipscomb at ‘78; all traveler groundings converted by Irish-born 10, Cathal Marsh; SabreCats 10, Sam Windsor, struck a penalty midway the first 40 and the home team counted a 67th minute try by number 2, Pat O’Toole, for the record;

            try Glendale got 5 table points in a 22-0 shutout of the franchise from the True North, and the clubs changed levels at table: Raptors are now in the fourth and final extra time slot, while Toronto Arrows trail Glendale by 3 table points and fall to 6th behind surging NY; a brace of touch downs by the aerial predators three-quarters, Dylan Taikato-Simpson and singles by former Ute, Chad Gough, and second row, Brendan Daly converted by 10, Robbie Petzer made the numbers for Raptors; no ignition switch for Arrows in the blowy snow;

1             converted try in injury time did it for NOLA Gold as the visitors ran to first place in the league with the 3rd try by former Lindenwood University flyhalf and current NOLA flyer, Nicholas Feakes, and its conversion at the death of the snow show; 21-19 the final score over Utah Warriors at Herriman for once and again frontrunner Gold as they resume the ordering seat at the crowded head of the MLR feast table; they find the way to win.

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