Monday, March 18, 2019

Pacific Rugby Premiership MD-1 & Rocky Mountain MD-2 WRaps

Rugby Round the Region: PRP MD-1, RMR MD-2 

PRP: the clubs have six matches done and four to go; April 27th concluding round; Life West and Belmont drawn for first on table points. At Glendale on the weekend…
…under clear skies with a twisty, crossfield wind, Merlins battled Santa Monica Dolphins in a lively first division match on the StoveTop at Infinity with 11 trys grounded between the XVs. Four, first-40 lead changes saw the lads into the sheds at break with tallies of 26-24 for the home side. There was magic in the Santa Monica offloading and searing steps for Merlins defenders, who closed quick and sure at times, but left gaps on others, which the visitors were swift to exploit thus making a hugely entertaining contest for the fans on the East Terraces.
Second stanza action as heated as you’d like with the battle ongoing in a rager that concluded at ’80 with a scoreline of 43-37 for Glendale.

lineout sequence 

RMR: It's a Park City Table right now with Haggis, Boulder and Barbos all having a match in hand.
Highlanders and Harlequins got the jump on the league, opening the spring season with a match this last weekend up Route 36 in Superior, Colorado. Highlanders grounded their 4th by time in the first-40 and went on to a 47-14, 5-point victory, moving into second on the chart for the moment.

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