Sunday, March 31, 2019

Rocky Mountain Rugby Men's Division-2: Barbarians v Haggis


Barbarians v Haggis

Denver Barbarians and Park City Haggis went toe-to-toe for 80 minutes yesterday on a chilled StoveTop at Infinity, and at the end of that interval a bit of restructure in the seating chart at table. With temps in the 30s, overcast and a bit of a blow out of the north end of the pitch to give the pill some lift the XVs readied up for referee Chris Brewer’s signal blast.

Intensity ramped immediately as Denver’s drop to begin the contest was mishandled inside the Park City 22 and Barbarians with the early advantage and the put at the set piece. That won and worked in short pick-and-goes setting a platform for distribution by the Barbarians 9, Ryan Walker, to his threequarters line. Possession lost, clearance by Haggis and lineout near midfield.

Furious work by both sides in stoppage and subsequent  breakdown with homeboys looking a bit more keen while their adversaries seemed to yet be shaking off the lengthy transit from their aerie amongst the precipitate peaks above Salt Lake City.

Barbos with the first count as flyhalf, Charles Ajarrista, stepped inside a tackler on a fast 15 meter cutter from wonscrum and with touch down by the 10, 5-nil Denver in the 8th minute.

Lead extended to eight as Ajarrista split the sticks from 22 in front at ’12 and Park City behind by the magic two-score, 8, just then.

Haggis got onboard on a grounding by scrumhalf, Mike Paskett, shrugging off would-be tacklers en route to a fiver and 8-5, for Denver yet, halfway through the first-40.

Ajarrista struck a second penalty in the 30th minute to make a scoreline of 11-5. Barbarians looking sharp opening up and Park City responding steadfast, but those were the tallies at Brewer’s halftime whistle and lads were off to lockers for hydration, instruction and inspiration.

Second stanza blasted open with visitors into their hosts territory, inside the 22 and hard-charging the Barbarians business district, 10 meters from goal. Haggis were pounding progress slow and sure with p-n-gs closeby the line led by front rowers, Nick Mostyn and Brian Pati. Denver was judged to have collapsed a certain score and a penalty try was awarded for a lead switch: 12-11 travelers right then at ‘42.

Denver regained advantage on a grounding by tighthead, Eric Bloedorn and its conversion by Ajarrista, 18-12 with ’50 gone.

Once more Haggis made ground into the Barbos business end. Twice defenders held up certain scores within-goal amidst a struggle of titans until finally Park City tighthead prop, Nick Mostyn, punched in from two meters out to ground for conversion by inside center, Jake Trembath: Haggis had recaptured the lead in the 57th at 19-18.

A third three-pointer by Ajarrista and Barbarians were back in front, 21-19, nearing the hour mark.

A try from a three-quarters replacement made seven by the Barbo 10, and Denver were ahead 28-19 at ’61.

No quit in travelers as a try drew the margin tighter with a dot and 28-24 at the 70th.

Barbarians would get a last try by blindside, Jordan Gunderson; along with CJ’s plus two, 35-24 the record and a new table topper in RMR Men’s Division-2... for the moment pending outcome of today’s Harlequins-Haggis feature at Cook Park in a nooner.

                Barbarians - Try: Ajarrista, Bloedorn, 22, Gunderson; Con: Ajarrista (3); Pen: (3);
                Haggis - Try: Paskett, PT, Mostyn, Unes; Con: Trembath (2)

Match Official: Chris Brewer (Referee)

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