Friday, April 12, 2019

Harlequins - Barbarians Collaborate for Rugby

If you want to make William Webb Ellis up in Rugby Heaven laugh, show him a bloopers video, but if you want to make him smile with extreme pride and pleasure, show him a story such as the one being enacted by Denver’s Barbarians and Harlequins RFCs. Barbarians forward and Tonga-born, Soane Leger, and Harlequins forward and Tonga-born, Joe Vitapa, have combined their clubs’ forces to raise money for a jersey set to benefit their home club, Kolofo’ou Rugby Club, in the island nation. Reports Harlequins facilitator, James Fallt: “The love they have for their home club is almost as massive as they are.” 

This is not just inter-club cooperation, but collaboration on a grand international scale, small that scale admittedly, but as the great Australian singer-songwriter, Paul Kelly, says, “from little things, big things grow” - to donate for the tax-deductible non-profit, follow the link - good rugby!

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