Thursday, April 4, 2019

Major League Rugby Preview: 4.4-4.6

Major League Rugby North America Weekend Preview: 4.4-4.6

Friday, April 5:
                Utah Warriors (9) v (27) Seattle SeaWolves at Zions Bank in Herriman UT, 8pm MST: visitors find a way to win that their hosts on the weekend have not yet discovered; each lost last outing at home, ‘Wolves with the losing b-p, while Warriors got the hiding by NY United; could be a misstep for Seattle and Utah will be right there to provide the shifting sands upon which that pace may falter; mid-50s, overcast, some wind and the potential for moisture late in the match;

Saturday, April 6:
                Glendale Raptors (28) v (10) Houston SabreCats in the Kettle at Infinity, Glendale CO, 7pm MST: with Raptors victory over (still) TopDog, NOLA, last weekend Glendale proved it could not only run with the big boys, it could best them and in close contest; ‘Cats are coming off the bye and the win over Utah a fortnight ago; 50s and a bit of a breeze out of the northwest that may bring rain;
Sunday, April 7:
                Toronto Arrows (22) v (33) NOLA Gold at York Alumni Stadium in Toronto ON, noon: opening day for the franchise that makes the league continental and that’ll be a formidable impediment for travelers yet smarting from their pippage in Denver last week; similar squads, even in most aspects; home nation advantage might be the ticket right here now; overcast and in the 50s for first drop;

                San Diego Legion (26) v (4) Austin Elite in Torero Stadium at San Diego CA, 6:30pm MST: home team will expect as many points as possible in this encounter and that may be good for travelers, but Southern California footy fields be furrowed with tough rows to hoe nowadays; sweet weather with upper 60s, no rain, balmy breeze.

New York United on the bye

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