Monday, April 8, 2019

Major League Rugby WRap: 4.8.19 - By the Numbers

MLRNA WRap: 4.4-4.6 

It’s a golden table after the 4-match, full-slate, weekend action that left no doubt as to which club is the boss.  NOLA are up top by more than a bonus-point win, but there are a quartet of chasers in a pack that will be ready to step up should the Louisiana XV falter: Raptors, United, SeaWolves and Legion are bunched within 2 table points of one another and the sequence and structure of the chart can change swiftly as Colorado weather. Everyone else in that following foursome has a game in hand Glendale.

By the Numbers

3             instances of drawn scores and a lead change in the first 40 minutes, and Utah had opened a 12-point margin early in the second stanza, 29-17, before Seattle proved the comeback kings with 26 shouted to no reply in 22 minutes between ’46 and ’68, and SeaWolves would have 5 points and the road win on the evening, 48-36; 18 for Brock Staller on 5 conversions, 1 penalty and 1 try, a double for backrow lock, Riekert Hattingh, and also a brace of groundings for second row, Brad Tucker, in the victory; 16 for Warriors 10, Tim O’Malley, on a triple of: 4 conversions, 1 penalty and 1 try;

32           in the first-40 for Houston SabreCats against 14 for hosts, Glendale Raptors, had the visitors sitting pretty at the half with the Kettle on full; conversation in the sheds from home team’s head coach, Dave Williams, at the break must have been especially inspiring as the aerial predators swept the ‘Cats asunder with a handful of second stanza groundings for a 52-44 win in Denver; hat trick for the home squad’s hot three-quarters, John Ryberg, and 17 for Glendale and US Eagles 10, Will Magie, on 7 conversions and a penalty struck; 14 penalty points assessed against homeys in the opening 14 minutes of the match on 2 penalty try awards… ngaaangh!

3             lead changes, with the last coming at ’80 on a try by Australian-born half, Scott Gale, its conversion by visitors 13-point (4 conversions and 1 try) 10, JP Eloff, and NOLA Gold had spoiled the long-awaited home opener of Toronto Arrows in the inaugural MLR match north of the US border, 35-31; a hat trick of first-40 touch downs by Arrows and Uruguayan 15, Gastón Mieres;

7             try San Diego Legion topped Austin Elite at Torero Stadium to close out the weekend action, 45-15.

New York United on the bye

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