Thursday, April 11, 2019

Men's Division 2 and the Playoffs


After last weekend’s Haggis victory over Boulder in Utah and Barbos win past Harlequins at Cook Park, the remainder of the season susses out as follows:

On the upcomer, Park City Haggis, who’ve already won the league, take on Denver Highlanders at the Fine Fare's lofty retreat high in the western Rocky Mountains, while Denver Barbarians host Boulder Rugby in a match (boots at 6:30pm, RugbyDay, on the StoveTop at Infinity) that will determine the runner-up in the league and thus the club that will move on to the playoff(*).

Contingency 1: a Boulder victory with the bonus-point AND if Barbarians do not earn any match (or table) points = Boulder yet are in the hunt, but Boulder must make the bonus-point in a rescheduled match with Highlanders to finish; in that sequence, Boulder advances...

Contingency 2: Boulder gets four points, Barbos get none and then Boulder gets five v Highlanders, their remaining fixture = both clubs have 26 tps and runners-up will be reckoned by a secondary  determinant:  head-to-head, points differential, trys-scored, etc.

Contingency 3: Boulder wins, but does not get the b-p, or no b-p v Highlanders = Barbarians advance...

Contingency 4: Boulder wins and gets the bonus-point, but Barbos get two for a loss within seven and four trys or better = Barbarians advance...

Contingency 5: Denver wins, Denver advances...

... to the Rocky Mountain Rugby Men's Division-2 title match* for the right to move on into USARugby's Championship bracket.

* - single fixture to be held in Grand Junction, Colorado

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