Monday, May 13, 2019

Major League Rugby - 5.13 WRap

MLRNA WRap: 5.13 - By the Numbers
home wins @ Toronto (2)
road wins by San Diego, Seattle
ppd - weather: Houston v Glendale

2 or 3 fixtures remain: 10 or 15 potential table points to be won
accumulations in the 50s should see extra time; 60+ would ensure it

Toronto absolutely nuclear hot now on half dozen happies in succession, looking very much like last year’s improbable French 14 champions, Castres, with their rugby expression now.
Frontrunner change again as San Diego did the business on NOLA in Louisiana.

If we were at the track, the horses are well into the homestretch with no clear winner evident just yet from the tightly knit pack of six. Looking like a photo finish!

 By the Numbers, On the Weekend

8             points up at the midpoint, with an additional penalty, made for an 11-point difference at the end of the day and Toronto performed the  requisite in topping Austin Elite at York Stadium, 24-13;

12           for the house at the midpoint, 19 for everyone with 10 minutes remaining, then a 71st minute grounding by San Diego 9, Tai Enosa, along with its conversion by Conor Kearns, and the Legion upended NOLA on the trot, 26-19, claiming the ordering seat at table in their exemplary, definitive process;

2             trys by New York number 2, Dylan Fawsitt, in the last ’10 insufficient the task of reducing the 24-point Seattle halftime advantage and United, whose prospects seemed bright a short time past, now languish out of the extra time frame with their pals, Glendale, after the 31-38 home loss to the ‘Wolves;

1             point Utah halftime lead, 15-14, could not be held by Warriors and Toronto did what champions do in returning for 28-21, 5-point victory over the club from the western Rockies at Lamport;

no byes due Arrows-Elite makeup


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