Thursday, May 30, 2019

Major League Rugby - Finish Line!

Major League Rugby - North America

WRaPre: 6.1-2

Five clubs vying for four playoff berths with Glendale being knocked out by screaming hot Toronto last week in the True North, 40-12. Raptors also lost to Houston in Texas midweek and have finished their campaign at 7-7-2 and 6th-placed on the chart.

So San Diego Legion... still the only club to have clinched an extra time spot, though where they’ll fall in the best four remains to be seen... but we’ll know by Sunday, 7pm-ish MST. Legion are nose across the finish line, just need to see where they’re at once their arse completes the journey.

There’s a four-pak all level on table points, though of those four, the three hosting their final fixtures must be considered favorites and that means desolation and death for one club’s 2019 campaign; but it makes for delicious contemplation and even better in-person or video viewing should one be fortunate enough to be either on location in Utah, Ontario, Southern California, Washington State or, have the ability to access on the upcomer.

To use a musical chairs metaphor, there are 5 competitors for four seats, and pretend that the teacher has left the room, the music, preferably by dancehall artist Samantha J, will be ongoing for 80+ minutes and teach’ won’t be back until well past then as it’s the end of the semester and as everyone knows, teachers take long, alcohol-fueled lunch-junkets this time of the year... psyche - not really!
So back to the musical chairs theme, it’ll be 5-on-4 with blindside tackles allowed, though not those (at/or?) above the chest.
Saturday, June 1st:          
               Utah Warriors (20) v (25) Houston SabreCats at Zions Bank, Herriman UT - 6pm MST: home team battled massive last weekend and were unlucky to draw with a top four and pretty much certain playoffs squad in Washington, but they will have gained confidence and momentum from that action, and will be looking to finish strong against the second-best streaking squad in the league now; this’ll be just like a knockout round with all that implies, save for forward movement at day’s end; 70, no rain, but a bit of north wind for the season wrap;

Sunday, June 2nd:            
                Toronto Arrows (53) v (53) New York United at Lamport Stadium, Toronto - 11am MST: winnit-innit, not much else to say besides homeboys are arcing high and well just now, while United may display a bit of falter post their epic victory last weekend over stumbling NOLA... or NY can keep rising and knock their continental brethren right out the playoffs frame... or vice-versa; end of day, Match-of-Weekend; mid-50s, good chance of rain and a crosswind to slicken the pig, slippen the pitch and confound the catch and counter;

               San Diego Legion (57) v (53) NOLA Gold at Torero Stadium, CA - 5:30pm MST: travelers may see their season slip sliding away should they fail to halt their three-match skid today; with a large offensive effort and mighty defensive act, Gold could even see the head of the table at end of this day; gonna be tough, though, as those they would unseat are their opponents of the day and Legion have not lost at Torero Stadium since early March... that is why this, also, is Match-of-Weekend; mid-60s, no rain, bit of westwind;

               Seattle SeaWolves (53) v (4) Austin Elite at Starfire Arena, Tukwila WA - 6pm MST: classic upset or same-old same-old? home side must get the most from this, while visitors are in position to close out 2019 with a super-bang and deny the reigning MLR champions a berth in the knockouts; lots to play for at Starfire on Sunday evening in this, as you might have guessed, the third Match-of the-Weekend/Day... YAY; mid-70s, no rain, nary a breeze;
Glendale Raptors on the bye


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