Thursday, May 16, 2019

Major League Rugby Preview: 5:17,18

Major League Rugby North America Weekend Preview: 5.18-5.19: tick-tock...

Clubs have either two or three fixtures remaining. Therefore 10 or 15 the potential points to be won. 60+, possibly high 50s, table points should earn extra time, maybe low 50s but mo’, as they say, is bettah’, alway [sic].  
Saturday, May 18th:
               NOLA Gold (51) v (11) Houston SabreCats at Gold Stadium, Marrero LA, 3pm MST: home team, smarting from last week’s loss, will be looking to make a statement, while the ‘Cats are in spoiler mode; overcast and low 80s with considerable wind from the southeast, plus the potential for rain earlier in the day;

               Glendale Raptors (42) v (46) Seattle SeaWolves down the Kettle at Infinity, Glendale CO, 4pm MST: doesn’t get any better than this: ‘Wolves are likely into the playoffs as they’ve got Austin and Utah after this to conclude their campaign, but figure Seattle will consider this as important a match as last weekend’s delirium-inducing joy on the eastern seaboard; the XVs will be firing all their guns with hotshots, Robbie Petzer for hosts and Brock Staller for guests, numbering up; to put it simply, Glendale must win out to have a chance at extra time this season... and the more points garnered from the wins the better; so this is the M-o-W; 60 and partial cover at first kick, no rain, but a southeast wind;

               Utah Warriors (17) v (52) San Diego Legion at Zions Bank , Herriman UT, 7pm MST: visitors can all but reserve a playoff berth with victory today; homeside will provide an 80-minute, formly-physical debate on that reckoning; upper 50s and cloudy, bit of breeze, and no rain though it will have stormed off-and-on the previous three days, so happy the forwards in tight, greasy spaces;
Sunday, May 19th:           
               New York United  (44) v (4) Austin Elite at the MCU on Coney Island - Brooklyn, 11am MST: United, like NOLA, will not like last weekend’s result and will be itching to make amends that; Elite could see joy today with consistency and continuity; middle 60s, maybe thunderstorms, but southern wind, and slick surface and pill regardless as it will have rained.

So, here're two weekends in July and a kickstart in June provided by the only Summer 15s League in the U-S-A:

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