Thursday, May 23, 2019

Major League Rugby Preview.. TICK-TOCK!!!

Major League Rugby North America Weekend Preview
5.25-5.26: tick-tock, TICK-TOCK...

Clubs have either one or two fixtures* remaining. Therefore 5 or 10 the potential points to be won. 60+, possibly high 50s, table points will earn extra time, maybe low 50s but mo’, as they say, is bettah’, alway [sic].             
Saturday, May 25th:
               Houston SabreCats (15) v (4) Austin Elite at AVEVA Stadium, Houston, TX -  4pm MST: could be two in a row for the home team, but travelers could make goodness themselves today; high 80s, southeast wind and no rain... hot and slick pig and pitch;

Sunday, May 26th:           
               New York United (49) v (52) NOLA Gold at the MCU on Coney Island, Brooklyn - 11am MST: visitors can claim a berth in extra time with victory, while their hosts will near as damn have one should they be happy at day’s end; M-o-W M-o-W, Match-of-Weekend; mid-70s, no rain and an east breeze;

               Toronto Arrows (48) v (43) Glendale Raptors at Lamport Stadium, Toronto - 12pm MST: last gasp for Glendale? gotta be a big one for visitors if it’s to be won at all, while victory for Arrows will knock their guests from the playoffs frame for good and set up a thrilling last weekend for the remaining handful of contenders for extra time; mid-60s, quartering breeze and no rain for the decider;

               Seattle SeaWolves (51) v (17) Utah Warriors at Starfire Arena, Tukwila WA - 6pm MST: homeboys are innit should they winnit; their guests on the other hand should like to close in on a happy ending to their 2019 run with a surprise for hosts this evening; low 70s, a bit of wind from the north and no rain, though it will have the previous two days, so slicken the pitch and slippen the pig may be;
San Diego Legion on the bye
* Houston have 3 matches remaining

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