Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Major League Rugby WRap 5.8.19 - Homestretch!

MLRNA WRap: 5.8 - By the Numbers
all home wins @ Glendale, New York, NOLA, Toronto

3 or 4 fixtures remain: 15 or 20 potential table points to be won
accumulations in the 50s should see extra time; 60+ would ensure it

With every home side victorious, especially a brace of wins by clubs just off the playoffs pace, there’s a lengthy pack of six vying for the four extra time spots. Of the half dozen, four - numbers 1, 3, 5 and 6 - have a match in hand their competition and that must be considered when processing the current table.

Were this a horse race, we’d be into the homestretch now, with the jockeys working in deliberate desperation to conclude their run in the top four at the finish line, June 2nd.

NOLA reassert themselves into the ordering seat, while Glendale are back into the frame after nudging ahead of United with Raptors significant win; mind those clubs who’ve only played a dozen though as they gots the advantage, one might think.

On the Weekend

34          for Glendale 10, Robbie Petzer, on an benchmark triple of 8 conversions, 1 penalty and a hat-trick of trys and 10-try, home XV Raptors got the deal done v Utah down the Kettle at Infinity, 64-22; Warriors were ahead, 10-nil, after ’20, but 31 by the homeside in the next ’20, unanswered by visitors, put the Coloradans in front for good; homeboys Chad London got a double and Glendale the necessary five points to remain in the playoff hunt and replace NY in the 4th, and final, extra time position;

            to 1 the ratio of trys-scored, home:away, as NOLA crept back into the ordering seat after besting Austin in the Big Easy, 26-14, garnering the 5 table points required to pop in front of San Diego, for the moment, on Saturday there to remain after...

5             lead changes at the boisterous affair in the True North had Toronto Arrows on top of San Diego Legion at the end of ’80, 23-19; 13 for Arrows 10, Sam Malcolm, on 2-and-3 off the tee, the last an 80th minute conversion of a grounding by number 2, Stevie Ng, and Toronto had well-defended their home turf to stay in playoff contention, knocking the Legion from 1st-place in the process;

2             too, the number of trys by New York United number 2, Dylan Fawsitt, sufficient the task of reducing scoreless Houston at the MCU Park, 21-0;
Seattle on the bye


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