Friday, May 17, 2019

Saturday is RugbyDay...

... Yay, Yay, YAY!!!

and tomorrow:

Saturday = RugbyDay, like mad!

Saturday May 18th, is one of the most important RugbyDays in the more than five decades of Colorado Rugby!

The results of four fixtures, two home and two away at Austin TX (but they’re live-streamed from the Lone Star State), will determine the fortunes of your Colorado Rugby men and women; from the scholar-athletes in the high school title game through the amateur ranks and on to Major League Rugby (MLR), North America’s professional competition, high-test rugby is happening:

·        9am: United States of America Rugby (USAR) Clubside Regional Playoffs - Queen City Rams v Austin Blacks, live-streamed at USAR Men’s Division-3 Clubside Regional Playoffs from Burr Field, Austin;

·        2pm: Rugby Colorado State High School Championship - Denver East High Angels v Regis Jesuit Raiders, live at Infinity Park Stadium, Glendale CO: emergent men - for tickets  good for the subsequent MLR match, go here;

·        2:15pm: Glendale Merlins v Belmont Shore, live-streamed at USAR Women’s Division-1 Clubside Regional Playoffs from Burr Field, Austin;

·        4pm: Glendale Raptors v Seattle SeaWolves live at Infinity Park Stadium (down the Kettle), Glendale Colorado: MLR - two teams hunting the playoffs frame right now... today’s outcome will impact that picture considerably

GO you Angels, Merlins,

Raiders, Rams and Raptors!!!

 YOU are part of something greater!

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