Thursday, May 23, 2019

Super Rugby Round 15 Preview: 5.24-25

Super Rugby Round 15 Preview: 5.24-5.25

With either four or three matches remaining on their 2019 RWC-shortened schedules, there’s 20 or 15 table points to be had, depending. The conference leaders go to playoffs and the next five clubs with the greatest totals go along as well. Mid- to high-40s should see extra time with the three conference champs and the fourth-placed club each hosting a knockout.

Crusaders yet the headliners in the league, and they’re already on enough to earn at minimum one additional fixture at season’s end. Hurricanes are probable and the remaining teams, save for SunWolves, are yet in the hunt, though Reds and Chiefs must win out and then get help and still they’ll be on the frame and may not be actually... innit?

Suffice to say, these are the times that encompass intervals of opportunity where statements are made and backed, mentally and physically.

Friday, 5.24:
               Chiefs (23) v (23) Reds at FMG, Waikato - 1:35am MST: these boys need to win their remaining contests, hosts moreso than their guests as travelers have a match in hand; loser may initiate vacation plans and consider Saturday, June 22 time-off; an abject M-o-W; mid-50s, no rain, no wind = ideal;

               Brumbies (29) v (32) Bulls at GIO, Canberra - 3:45am MST: clash between conference leaders of the moment, but whomsoever fails to succeed today, probably won’t be fronting their group anymore and, in the case of the Mob, could drop out the playoffs picture; large implications, this result; low 50s, no rain, itty wind; giddyap!

               SunWolves (12) v (28) Rebels at Prince Chichibu, Tokyo - 11:15pm MST: visitors got a shot at topspot in their bracket with a big win; homeys gotta be feeling a sense of unreality with their impending doom ever inhouse nowadays, but guests must not overlook this action today, or else...; high 70s, no rain and a steady southwind;

Saturday, 5.25:
               Crusaders (49) v (26) Blues at the AMI, Christchurch - 1:35am MST: home team has sandwiched a hammering of an SA squad in between two SA draws in their recent trio of matches... hmmmn; hot-cold Blues may be all right in the music world, but it won’t work here; if Auckland are to obtain the playoffs frame, they must top the club manifesting the best rugby expression in the competition, no mean feat; M-o-W for travelers, for certain; low 50s, no rain and a bit of breeze;

               Waratahs (26) v (32) Jaguares at Western Sydney Stadium, Paramutta - 3:45am MST: Bonilla-Diaz v Foley will be an interesting match-inside-a-match to check; Sleek Cats can wind up topside the all-in, UFC cage battle that is the South African Conference; of the SA XVs in OZ this weekend, they who fare the finest are best; ‘Tahs won’t like this loss and will be implementing extraordinary measures to prevail and that is why this is the Match-of-Weekend; high 60s with the possibility of thundery outbursts from the heavens making this an excellent backdrop for the demi-godlike struggling between two formidable forward packs;

               Stormers (26) v (29) Highlanders at Newlands, Capetown, 7am MST: visitors inside, while their hosts are just outside, the playoffs frame now, but that may not be the case at the end of this day; other Match-of-Weekend; both have recorded the range of outcomes possible in their last three: Stormers on draw-loss-win and Highlanders, loss-win-draw; mid- to low-60s, no rain, minimal wind;

               Sharks (29) v (30) Lions at Kings Park, Durban - 9:15am MST: should their conference mates fail to negotiate the Australian abyss in the current numbers 1's & 2's respective derbies, happy-happy, joy-joy here means front seat; high 60s, no rain, little breezy for the other, other Match-of-Weekend;
Hurricanes on the bye


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