Thursday, May 30, 2019

Super Rugby Round 16 Preview

Super Rugby Round 16
Preview 5.31-6.1

With either two or three matches remaining on their 2019 RWC-shortened schedules, there’re 15 or 10 table points to be had, depending. The conference leaders go to playoffs and the next five clubs with the greatest totals go along as well. Mid- to high-40s should see extra time with the three conference champs and the fourth-placed club overall each hosting a knockout.

Crusaders will most likely host throughout the playoffs as the only club that can catch them is Hurricanes and while that’s possible, it is unlikely. The remaining three clubs in the NZC are out of the running for the extended season just now, but they are all within one happy result from that elite octet.

Four of five SA Conference clubs in extra time slots just now with Jaguares, the South American-South African side, ruling the roost and Stormers just out of the playoffs frame.

Brumbies and Rebels are within the extra time window just now, and ‘Tahs are needing a result this weekend to get back in while Reds can’t be counted out either; only club that’s been mathematically eliminatedis SunWolves and they’re soon to be out of the competition entirely.

Friday, 5.31:
               Blues (26) v (32) Bulls at Eden Park, Auckland - 1:45am MST: homeboys are out of the playoff picture just now and Bulls are just innit; a triumph by the hosts on the day could very well mean a positional reversal; it will have rained and may be raining, so slicken and slippen if one is not careful... high 50s and a significant westwind;

               Rebels (33) v (26) Waratahs at AAMI Park, Melbourne - 3:34am MST: visitors can’t be muckin’ about should they wish to see extra time on the pitch; hosts looked sharp in pounding ‘Wolves, but then... - desperate the ‘Tahs and confident the Men of Melbourne; should be a dilly! low 50s, with slim chance of rain, though a bit of a southwind;

                SunWolves (12) v (34) Brumbies at Prince Chichibu, Tokyo - 11:15pm MST: AUC leaders should not look past this one as their Rebels pals’ll pass ‘em by for the head of the conference chart; 70-ish, maybe moist with a southwind;

Saturday, 6.1:
               Chiefs (27) v (53) Crusaders at ANZ National Stadium, Suva - 1:35am MST: whatever the outcome of this one, the island nation of Fiji, winners of the gold medal in 7s code at the Rio Olympics, will be victorious, though Chiefs need it badly; expect Crusaders to show some youth in the roster; no rain, little breeze and high 70s with humidity;

               Reds (24) v (36) Jaguares at Suncorp, Brisbane - 3:45am MST: a win for travelers would all but seal an extra time slot for those sleek, swift and savvy Jungle Cats, while hosts can write their playoff hopes a nice, long goodbye letter should they fail to deliver this day; low 60s, no rain, little breeze;

               Sharks (33) v (40) Hurricanes at Kings Park, Durban - 7am MST: homeside must win while travelers could ensure extra time with victory; big time M-o-W; high 60s, no rain, mild breeze;

                Lions (29) v (30)  Stormers at Ellis Park, Johannesburg - 9:15am MST: who wins, gains the extra time frame; it gets big like this in SA, but those are Test fixtures.. M-o-W, M-o-W, M-o-W; partial clouds, high 50s, no rain, nah wind = about as good as it gets;
Highlanders on the bye


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