Monday, June 3, 2019

Major League Rugby - the 2019 Race is Run

MLRNA WRap: 6.2 - By the Numbers
home wins @ Houston, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto
no road wins  

It’s San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, Houston in the order of finish and those are the clubs who’ve earned extra time in their seasons by virtue of their respective performances over the course of campaigns that have seen actions in the Coolness of the True North on down to the Gulf of Mexico, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific and on to the Roof of the World in the Rockies. New York United only XV to have lost on the weekend and yet they’d enough table points accumulated to finish just in front of NOLA Gold, whose season spiraled in a downward plummet over the course of the last month-plus.

By the Numbers, On the Weekend

4             the measure of separation at the end of the day as Houston completed a strong finish to their season, albeit out of the playoffs frame, with 31-27 victory over Utah Warriors;

            the difference after ’80 as Toronto reserved their spot in extra time by 22-20 joy in the True North over New York;

22           too, for first-placed finishers on the table, San Diego, on 22-10 victory over NOLA Gold, sealing topspot and dropping Gold out of playoff contention in the process with the 12-point win;

12           too, the gap in tallies as Seattle stormed into a home playoff fixture with 38-26 joy over Austin Elite at Starfire Sports Arena;
Glendale on the bye

2019 Final Table

The League Competition is run... NOW for Knockouts!!!



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