Monday, July 22, 2019

Pacific Nations Cup Rugby - Round 1

Pacific Nations Cup - ding, ding!

Round 1 of the Pacific Nations Cup, the annual competition featuring half dozen national XVs on or within the border of the Pacific Ocean rim, is on freal this weekend as premier Canada, Fiji, Japan, Samoa, Tonga and USA men’s sides get after the pill at a trio of venues at the vertices of a triangle with a perimeter better than 15,000 miles. Players on the pitch will be those seeking to establish themselves as qualified to represent their respective countries at 2019 Rugby World Cup, which boots September 20th  on the Home Islands of Japan.

USA hosts Canada to kickoff the Eagles quest for the Cup on Saturday, the upcoming RugbyDay, 6pm down the Kettle at Infinity Park, Glendale Colorado - tickets

Samoa takes on Tonga at Apia Park in the capital city of Samoa, Apia, on the day beginning at 8pm MST.

Japan squares off v hot-hot-hot (I know they didn’t get the last result, but still...) Fiji at Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, Kamaishi City, Japan.

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