Saturday, August 24, 2019

RugbyTown 7s - Day 1

Denver 7s on the march against SoCal Griffins

Collegiate All Americans v Life West

RugbyTown 7s - First hits
In the four-pool, five-clubs-per-pool, three-day, sevens tournament yesterday Pool A’s undefeated All Army team hold honors in the group after winning their three matches on the day... as did the Ramblin’ Jesters of Pool B. That pair will close pool play today at: 11:20 - Army v Air Force with the winner taking the group; and 2:20 - Ramblin’ Jesters v Sacramento Eagles with RJ needing the win to top their group. Army have outscored their opponents in three matches by a total of 122 points while the Jesters have counted a 126 points differential in their trio of matches.
In Pools C and D however, different swimming holes as nine of the ten clubs yet vie for first place. Play resumes at 11am today down the Kettle at Infinity. Come see!

Marines on attack v All Army

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