Friday, September 20, 2019

RWC Pool Predictions

Pool Emergents by Poll
From your RMR poll responses predicting the quarterfinalists, or the nations who’ll exit their pools with matches yet to play, here are your results:
                - Pool A: averaged and rounded
                                Ireland and Scotland: 50%
                                Ireland and Samoa: 22%
                                Ireland and Japan: 17%
                                Japan and Scotland: 11%

                - Pool B: a-and-r
                                New Zealand and South Africa: 100%
                - Pool C: a-and-r
                                Argentina and England: 50%
                                England and France: 34%
                                Argentina and France: 16%

                - Pool D: a-and-r
                                Australia and Wales: 72%
                                Australia and Fiji: 28%


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